• preston is dumb… he can’t multiply 1000 by 2… lol SAME

  • karla gonzalez 3 months ago


  • Shayan Haider 3 months ago

    You should make a wall of obsidian for your base

  • su bac 3 months ago

    Happy 5.5 MlLLION SUBS!

  • KING GAMER 3 months ago

    Duel me wallworth my ign is KING_GAMER_15

  • Awesome Aidan 3 months ago

    DO BED WARS ON 1/13/18

  • gaming with ernie 3 months ago

    what happends when sudden death ends someone comment me what happends plz comment me

  • Awesome Aidan 3 months ago

    How do u record and livestream

  • Dancing Banana 3 months ago

    I am coughing so much could I get 10 likes plz

  • Matthew Gordon 3 months ago

    Do obsidian!!!!

  • Doomes day 3 months ago


  • simply. joribel 3 months ago

    Preston omg I’m almost fully sure that the total iron you need is over 12,000 iron

  • Adam Magee 3 months ago

    why did you start streaming :c some people like me NEVER get to see your streams so we get sad :c also stop saying thanks for coming to the STREAM i unsubbed and PLEASE STOP STREAMING

  • Dancing Banana 3 months ago

    When you said Hera Krishna I laughed because I am Indian 😊😊😊

  • Tim Ong 3 months ago

    pls stop defending the bed and get finals. its not very fun watching u place blocks on the bed

  • Tim Ong 3 months ago

    and ur stupid… stream whats 1,000 x 2 pls use calculator

  • H20 DELIRIOUS 3 months ago

    #🖕🏼donald dick

  • Dytmar De Groot 3 months ago

    You are a good minecrafter

  • Valkon_The Lunatix 3 months ago

    Love ur vids Preston!! You never seem to make me bored with ur vids thanks for the vid!!!!

  • my channel 3 months ago

    The best bed war

  • The Cartographer 3 months ago

    *The pipe, is leaking*

  • The Cartographer 3 months ago

    Do 1.000 Wood

  • my channel 3 months ago

    Can u do the hardest

  • MinecraftGeorge X 3 months ago

    Preston give us ur mods pls

  • Kasia W 3 months ago

    Play more bedwars!!!

  • John Burguillos 3 months ago

    You have the best bed defens

  • John Burguillos 3 months ago

    the answer to 2000/64=31.25

  • Joseph Parton 3 months ago


  • TheBossFighter90 3 months ago

    How do I fix the Cosmic Client to tolerate Hypixel

  • Dinosaur pro Gaming 3 months ago

    Do you have discord if you do can you friend me my name is Dinosaur pro

  • i dog dizzle 3 months ago

    You only got to 816 endstone

  • Diona life 3 months ago

    Who agree wiht me he looks like wasabi

  • Kitty Guy 3 months ago

    How much kills have you in bedwars (hypixel)

  • RaduMaster 3 months ago

    Man im so sorry i missed you!

  • Kuper Brink 3 months ago

    o 2 days ago

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