• Dylan Foulkes 2 weeks ago

    Just a small suggestion, maybe you could put grass or sand or something in the bottom of the river?

  • CarnoPlaysGames100 2 weeks ago

    Omg yes

  • A Lone Stegosaurus 2 weeks ago

    Awe, the baby!

  • Union Knight 2 weeks ago

    in the 1.7.10 there are way more dinosaurs

  • Samuel Mihm 2 weeks ago

    JurassiCraft use 1.10.2 for they have lack of coders but soon will be using 1.12

  • Dimas Fattuhrahman 2 weeks ago

    Make The Dilophosaurus Exhibit Next

  • [deleted] : 2 weeks ago

    you really deserve way more views! ever considered partnerships or something with a company? idk but you need more people to see your great content!

  • [deleted] : 2 weeks ago

    a feeder is included with Jurassic craft mod i’m sure you could put it under a slab so it’s hidden and still dispense food so your dinos won’t, you know, die…..

  • Indominus Productions 2 weeks ago

    You know JurassiCraft has electric fences.

  • Randomness 2 weeks ago

    The video is awesome

  • The Red Raptor 2 weeks ago

    Spawn a female! Its brown like in JP!

  • Bafoonboy31 2 weeks ago

    Now i always appreciate a good ol Best in Slot video but i hate clicking on Minecraft vids cuz now my Suggestions will be full of Clickbait Minecraft vids

  • Izaiah Flores 2 weeks ago

    Mesozoica just released.

  • Anthony Propst 2 weeks ago

    This is actually awesome

  • EnderGaming216 2 weeks ago

    There used to be way more dinos. Ankylosaurus, Mosasaur, Dodos

  • Ikey B. 2 weeks ago

    You should’ve done a female trike, it’s more accurate to the game.

  • TyrannosaurusLives 2 weeks ago

    Awe, no building your own trees?

  • Bryce Collins 2 weeks ago

    Hey BestInSlot, I hope it’s okay if I ask you a kind of moral question… Is it wrong to download a unpaid copy of JPOG? I just don’t want to dish out the 89.00 to 100.00 USD to get it on ebay.. ._.

  • AnaMoose 2 weeks ago

    Hey bis how did you get your minecraft to run so smoothly on your computer, with all the mods and shaders?

  • Lucia Vega 2 weeks ago

    Are you going to make any aquatic exhibits?

  • Tim. Rex 2 weeks ago

    I can’t wait until you make a viewing dome.

  • TrueBoredom 2 weeks ago

    I don’t know if you can help, but in JPOG I have a weird glitch where my mouse does not work at all, I cannot move the cursor or even click! Do you know how to fix this?

  • Jim van Hout 2 weeks ago

    bestinslot, it looks very good.

  • Brito Plays MC 2 weeks ago

    This video was really cool. And a pond in the herbivore cage would be better

  • The Cretaceous build team 2 weeks ago

    I’ve made my own Jurassic Park operation Genesis park

  • Dakota Morgan 2 weeks ago

    Great job bis!

  • BlurbtheGenet 2 weeks ago

    Wow those triceratops models are amazing, and well done on the build Bis it looks fantastic

  • Tyler TNF 2 weeks ago

    What is the seed for the world?

  • Gavin Weaver 2 weeks ago

    not as good as ThegamingBeaver still pretty good

  • Ender Steve 2 weeks ago

    I need map

  • Ben Roy 2 weeks ago


  • Mr. Glitch 2 weeks ago

    Spawn a female Triceratops as well

  • • Prince Zomboツ • 2 weeks ago

    I got a minecraft ad before this, lmao

  • Tyson Roser 2 weeks ago

    All the trikes are male.

  • Darthplagueis13 2 weeks ago

    The best innuendo jokes are the ones that manage to be funny on multible layers. I mean, a rather standart joke for the little ones(some kinds literally laugh about anything. A friend of mine is an apprentice childcarer and he told me that he managed to be the comedian of the day in the Kindergarden just because he was able to count up to twenty in french and well, french sounds funny) and a somewhat hidden dirty joke.

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