• Thomas Wagner 5 days ago

    Martin is *not my Mayor* ❕

  • Robert Leitch 5 days ago

    Now Martyn can -Establish a Communism state-
    Take his place as the deserved mayor

  • Paws Cat 5 days ago

    The mayor is taurtis and if it can’t be then pearl should be mayor. I’m team pp all the way but this is a bit far still.

  • Emma Stenson 5 days ago

    I’m happy martyn is mayor!!!

  • tropical breeze 5 days ago

    You guys are the worst cops

  • tropical breeze 5 days ago

    Your judgeing people that do better than you

  • Furkan Cebeci 5 days ago

    Meddly Martyn and Solid Solidarity?

  • tropical breeze 5 days ago

    And you only care about your reputation

  • tropical breeze 5 days ago


  • Ultra Strike 5 days ago

    Dammit martyn. Now your no better than Mausinger!

  • Mini Muka 5 days ago


  • Samantha Quenelle 5 days ago

    HEY! Taurtis won the election, and there is nothing you can do about it. So stop trying replace him man, and how dare you (Lol just pulled a Jimmy) pretend to be other people.


  • Jacob Campbell 5 days ago

    Dwight Shrute: Assistant to the regional manager. Pete Bills: Assistant TO the mayor

  • roel van Veen 5 days ago

    Youve taken his position as mayor, might as well take over Taurtis Land while youre at it.

  • Philip Appoh 5 days ago

    Evo is ripe for the taking

  • Goody Procter 5 days ago

    PP your awesome but you’ve gone too far.

  • Anant Gupta 5 days ago

    12:17 Hey it’s Stampylonghead!

  • Goody Procter 5 days ago

    Wait are these evil versions similar to naughty netty and sneaky Salem?

  • Donald Sedig 5 days ago

    Easy Martyn, you’ll shut out the people you need the most.

  • Htet Min 5 days ago

    It’s a coup a ccooooooooooooouuuuuuuuup.

  • Parrarow Life 5 days ago

    Did you even ask Taurtis If he’s ok with it?

  • tyler prime 4 days ago

    how are u mayor?????????????????????????????????????????????

  • IronWolfNinja :D 4 days ago


  • ElementWolf animation 4 days ago


  • Saltie Storm 4 days ago

    You cant become mayor

  • Lanze1Lee123 4 days ago


  • Molynexyz DoesThings 4 days ago


  • Puzzlemaster391 4 days ago

    Hmm, maybe Martyn shouldn’t be given this much power… Nah, what’s the worst that can happen. #BETAorBETTER! -Puzzle-

  • Declin Suridge 4 days ago

    Tautis was better

  • OrcaNicole 4 days ago

    Well, this was an interesting twist! I can’t wait to see what happens next. XD

  • Johnathan 4 days ago

    wretchedly bad:
    a vile humor.
    highly offensive, unpleasant, or objectionable:
    vile slander.
    repulsive or disgusting, as to the senses or feelings:
    a vile odor.
    morally debased, depraved, or despicable:
    vile deeds.
    foul; filthy:
    vile language.

    However, it seems a new defintion has reared its ugly head, doesn’t it Martyn? Yes for it would seem that you’ve become that, which you swore as a police officer to destroy. A criminal. Sure, you didn’t steal, hurt or even kill, but you did something, that some may consider worse; You betrayed. Betrayed your friends, betrayed the server, betrayed your viewers, I’ll even be the one to say it: You betrayed Taurtis.
    I can do nothing, I am but an observer, however I know that there are other people seeing this, who might be able to lend a _hand_ to justice, for I know someone is watching. I guess what I mean is you should be weary of those who *watch* , what would call them? The watchers? That sounds accurate.

    May your corruption consume your carcass, and let the conclusion carress your careless, crummy body, and let curtains fall, for I can no longer control this conniption. So good day to you, sir!

  • Vertia the Green 4 days ago

    You can’t steal the mayor position from Taurtis. Even if he resigned, there would need to be a re-vote.

  • Nicktrains thompson 4 days ago

    not my mayor

  • Crafty Crafter 4 days ago

    Okay but what happened to Taurtis?

  • FFMaster1212 3 days ago

    #TnTBlock4Mayor it will take care of all troublemakers

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