• TBNR SkyEyeMC 2 weeks ago

    pack sucks

  • DopeTokyo 2 weeks ago

    Play Roblox

  • Landon Fan 2 weeks ago

    Play more Minecraft with kyler

  • Lester Aw 2 weeks ago

    Feels like he hate Minecraft I think S hole bypassed the comment censor app lol maybe not IDK xD Landon may quit Minecraft

  • I miss daily minecraft ;-;

  • DAILY DARES 2 weeks ago

    Its annoying how you keep saying my guy

  • Conner Racheff 2 weeks ago


  • Ayush Karki 2 weeks ago

    I cant hit the like button!!!
    I already smashed it!!!!!!!!!!

    Bah dumm tssssss

  • Naomi Cosway 2 weeks ago

    Ours plzzzzz

  • JACK Jasin 2 weeks ago

    Do morre woth preston

  • ShowShoudowns 2 weeks ago


  • ShowShoudowns 2 weeks ago


  • Stanley Altidor 2 weeks ago

    this is so cool wow

  • Tattooguy2012 2 weeks ago

    Landon I gave you an opal rank voucher for a giveaway and you threw it off the edge I have the video that was a slap in the face I’ve donated a crap ton to both fire and diamond.

  • Loverpanda 1019 2 weeks ago

    I like roblox more…

  • Aniketh Sharma 2 weeks ago


  • Luc Blau 2 weeks ago

    Poor sensei

  • Glitched Fire 2 weeks ago

    Roblox in Minecraft for teh memes

  • The Quacksters 2 weeks ago

    I guess Housie4 will win

  • Jack Gamer 2 weeks ago

    #DuckSquad here

  • DevTanius - ROBLOX And More 2 weeks ago

    I wish I was allowed to play mc 😞 I prefer RB tho
    Reply fav

  • ADawgThePoet :Minecraft 2 weeks ago


  • Arvin Kakhki 2 weeks ago

    I watch both mc and rb
    And I subbed to both

  • Ubaid Ullah 2 weeks ago


  • Minecraft God 2 weeks ago

    Don’t you hate getting trolled

    Read more

  • hamdi hamid 2 weeks ago

    Rip pray for Landon who watching after the ban of the ducksquad

  • Blade ツ 2 weeks ago

    Im here after the ban of teh duck squad Im so sorry landom

  • Unicorn vs Dinosaur 2 weeks ago

    Sadly Landon’s roblox was ban 🙁 reply rip ducky if u know

  • Devashri Naidu 2 weeks ago

    The duck squad got ban ign:ultrayuvraj R.I.P. landon

  • Jayden C 2 weeks ago

    U lost the ducksquad so I decided to sub to this channel and turn on notifications

  • Uks Talvar 2 weeks ago

    Rec with skeppy!

  • Kristin Kirkland 2 weeks ago

    Your super cute 😉❤

  • EpicArmyRB - ROBLOX 2 weeks ago

    sorry to hear about the duck squad

  • ItzYabBoii JOHN 2 weeks ago


  • Sulu Kader 2 weeks ago

    I’m so sad his roblox acc got banned nooooooooo

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