• Mattel Action 1 month ago

    Oh flapjacks, a phoenix?! And we thought all the mythic legends were gone… It looks like the players will need to find yet another way to get themselves out of trouble!

  • KawaiiMoonxox90 1 month ago

    SEASON 3

  • Loyld Garmandon 2.0 1 month ago

    Please do some more

  • Jovanny Basilio-Clemente 1 month ago

    Is season 3 coming out!

  • jonathan reynolds 1 month ago

    I love minecraft the mini series

  • TheRisingX 6578 1 month ago

    Love this show better

  • Liam GamerYT 1 month ago

    the favor is for season 3

  • Maryanna Francis 1 month ago

    I’m excited for season 3

  • Wazow!!! The Gameorizer. 1 month ago

    SEASON 3 NOW!!!!!!

  • Not so Cheery oz 1 month ago

    Make a Season 3

  • Quincy Johnston 1 month ago

    SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!

  • Liam Que 1 month ago

    S3: Challenge of the Sky Isles? PLEASE DO IT!

  • Karnnaphat vanichchayasakul 1 month ago

    Please do season 3

  • Emoji_ Me 1 month ago

    Lets start a new season

  • Alex Rowley 1 month ago

    When is season 3

  • Princess Diamond 1 month ago

    bring it on!!! Season 3!!!

  • MinecraftSkywars 1 month ago

    Season 3! More cliffhangers!

  • Kw Dragon master 1 month ago

    Make aseason3

  • Malissa Isaacson 1 month ago

    Yes I am really hoping there’s a season three

  • Noah Xavier Teopiz 1 month ago

    Pleass there be a season 3 please mattel action please please please.

  • omnishadow the lightning yellow umbreon 1 month ago

    ok, the cliffhanges are starting to tick me off. good show btw.

  • Chief Zip 1 month ago

    Make more please!

  • justin kong 1 month ago

    Totally A YES i want it to keep going 🔥🔥🔥

  • Athan Peterson 1 month ago

    Yeah season 3 here we come

  • Natan 123 1 month ago

    Make season 3

  • Cheryl Tan 1 month ago


  • Pele Seapony 1 month ago

    Keep this up my dude, you are good at this and make us proud!!!

  • IvanGamer Play 1 month ago

    Final all the player are going home

  • wyatt Dorman 1 month ago

    cool Minecraft I like that

  • Travis Cain 1 month ago

    season 3 is on the way

  • Benjamin Liang 1 month ago

    Can’t vin just start using magic.

  • ender gaming 1 month ago

    So that means there going be an season 3

  • m1n3 c7afty 1 month ago

    So is this the season 2 finale leading into 3 or is this an extension of season 2?

  • GamerTube388 - The Fire Peashooter Gamer 1 month ago

    I Know The Greek Imposters, Im Studying In School About The Greek Gods.

  • Emina Begovic 1 month ago

    season 3 and umm add another team please like at least if u do make that team minka and dean if u want a new team thumbs of this comment

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