• J Simmons 6 months ago

    Do a uppertale role play where all the monsters live above ground

  • Phantom Nimbus 6 months ago

    Yeah bandy

  • Mac Miller 6 months ago

    Pearl sprinkles is what they are called

  • Underbound Master 6 months ago

    I know what you mean Cory, about the pellet sprinkle things. I see them on donuts.

  • Underswap Chara 6 months ago

    NEW BENDY!?!?!?!?

    I like the old one better.

  • Justin Phung 6 months ago

    They are called nonpareil sprinkles.

  • nightmare foxy Productions 6 months ago

    Where is creepy pasta I love it

  • Whom you ask 6 months ago

    i love the incredibles

  • Amelia Bradley 6 months ago

    Blob x Projectionist

  • Jesterface and Kodicorn 6 months ago

    Alrighty, I expext alot of hate but who cares. I’m really happy you ship Bendy x Alice! It’s my favorite shipping. Keep up the great vids!

  • Jaeger Prime 6 months ago

    NewScapePro My idea from the last 4 or 5 vids ;>

  • iiKittyChan 6 months ago

    Dippin Dots!!

  • The 10 Xs 6 months ago

    CORY THE TINY BALL SPRINKLES ARE CALLED ‘hundreds and thousands’ THERE ARE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW!!! And I like those ones. :3

  • chara dreemur 6 months ago

    please do a reapertale rp

  • Keynines animation 6 months ago

    Progectionist chicken nuggets

  • Toy EnderGames 6 months ago

    where is the roleplay serie Bendy and the ink machine????

  • Emma Arhipov 6 months ago

    Hundreds and Thousands? those round, hard sprinkles?

  • Owl Warrior 6 months ago


  • qaramel 6 months ago

    What is Cory’s intro music?Please help ;-; Also love the video

  • glitch zero the king of gremlins 6 months ago

    you made her head blocky chance it!!!!!!

  • irfan azmi 6 months ago

    Make bendy a demon bendy skin to him

  • moon strikes 6 months ago

    There circle sprinkles

  • Fnaf,undertale and Tattletale 6 months ago

    Alice’s face looks like Jeff the killer after the fire from creepy pasta

    Like if u agree!

  • Lunannex101 6 months ago

    Instead of 666 we have 999 PERFECT

  • Skychrew 6 months ago

    But it’s in minecraft)

  • luigy sanchez 6 months ago

    you guys should make a crossover with bendy and the neighbor

  • Bendy brother Tub 6 months ago


  • Tony Lucas 6 months ago

    You are thinking of pearl sprinkle

  • Mlgfredlegg 6 months ago

    Corey the sprinkles u were talking about are called hundreds and thousands well that’s wat we call them in England

  • Onyx Crystalz the Lambling 6 months ago

    Bendy is like the carton cardboard so why isn’t Alice like that or Bendy be his Cannon “demon” self

  • Katie kawaii 6 months ago

    I know what he’s talking about with the sprinkles

  • the butcher gang member Stryker 6 months ago

    Where’s that rap battle you promised?

  • Scarlett Redfox 6 months ago

    I know I need to go to the doctor (i’ma sinner x100000000000)

  • Jessica Starcatcher 6 months ago

    my fav saying… hurt people, hurt people

  • crystalannecox 6 months ago

    At the start blob was like a Pokemon

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