• Not Bone 6 days ago

    PurpleTurtles will rule the world one day

  • Yehtet Aung 6 days ago

    Best quote by Ben “I may be holding a gun but I didn’t kill it”

  • Jon Medaris 6 days ago

    Brooklyn 99 is a great show

  • crooked krookodile 6 days ago

    I think Steve broke everything on Jeromes computer the second he jumped into the portal

  • Varij Manukul 6 days ago

    The title is def no

  • Kevin Urbano 6 days ago


  • Muhammad Athaillha 6 days ago


  • Seth or aspen B 6 days ago


  • Chillwill89 Play 6 days ago

    Brooklyn nine nine is an amazing show

  • Pish Posh 6 days ago

    I agree

  • Muhammad Athaillha 6 days ago

    I bleam you ben

  • Muhammad Athaillha 6 days ago

    I blame you ben

  • Robert sherman 6 days ago

    I just feel the need to say that Jerome tp’d to Ben to guard him and immediately ran away even though he was being beat up by a skellybutt, lol

  • Aarow04Plays 6 days ago

    Jerome has his output volume to low

  • Justine Algo 6 days ago

    as ben said “i smell hotdogs” i was eating one wow ben’s really hungry that he could smell me in Philippines….. jk hahahaha

  • Shadow Wolf 6 days ago

    did anyone one see the thing that happened to his camera?

  • Carmen Perez 6 days ago

    Blame Ben am i right

  • Nara Observes 6 days ago

    I was jump scared

  • Caroline Sootaga 6 days ago

    You can repair a bow with another bow

  • Jamie Brown 6 days ago

    Brooklyn 99 got cancelled by fox but then nbc picked it up

  • Gylan Viray 6 days ago

    brooklyn 99 is a great show BEN

  • Djustin Corpuz 6 days ago

    I’m going to say this cuz idk. Finally, I’ve been waiting for this for the past few days.

  • Cindy 6 days ago

    Did you quit pixelmon why yay jerome why

  • Justine Agustin 6 days ago

    pls do more i love this series

  • Max Hansen 6 days ago

    I miss Dino’s…..😭😢 Even if you end the series please tour it for the finale

  • faith whisper 6 days ago

    I like how when Jerome’s mic stopped working something popped up in the top right saying the silence of the forest 14:00

  • Exotic Antibiotics KL 6 days ago

    1.13 is already released

  • Shona Daveson 6 days ago

    blame cookie

  • Lachlan :D 6 days ago

    Do magic stuff please

  • Lim HuanRong 6 days ago

    U are my favorite YT , love u, u encouraged me to do YT, my YT name is defendorking, and also, luv this series, hope u do it more

  • Lachlan Ward 6 days ago

    WHAT ABOUT HE CRAFTING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Original omg!tzViolet 6 days ago

    Dasha play dota 2 with meeee

  • cupcake Wolfgang 29 6 days ago

    Bacca potatochip

  • Braden Cosier 6 days ago

    Jerome teleports to Ben to help him and immediately runs off.

  • Gene Andrei Godoy 6 days ago

    I love you

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