• FuturisticHub 6 days ago

    Get shrekt in MiNeCrAfT again.

    Oh and after *liking this video* and follow my twitter for memes and stuff…

    see you all later!

  • Endrix/Balt :D 5 days ago

    Wtf lol

  • Golden Hacker 5 days ago


  • DasKoala 5 days ago

    P e r f e c t i o n

  • Ritanicpup1912 huge Titanic fan! 5 days ago

    Is this song going to be in iTunes

  • Leonard Crohmaliuc 5 days ago


  • kid septiceye 5 days ago

    Shrek in this vid scared the living live out of me

  • JHONDEERE 20166 5 days ago


  • the diamond minecart junior sisotdmjr 5 days ago

    Have u gone insane again

  • Emily Meehan 5 days ago

    WTF did I just watch!?!

  • tallertheprogamer 5 days ago

    Hub, are you on drugs?

  • appletart Minde 5 days ago

    Hub did you get out the wrong time of bed?

  • Jurate Motam 5 days ago

    imagine if shreck and scarce meet in minecraft 😛

  • Orin ᖇᗷᒪ᙭ 5 days ago

    Thanks future, you gave me nightmares again :((

  • newborn loves shadow tubbie 5 days ago

    No shrek get out of my teletubbie land

  • Orin ᖇᗷᒪ᙭ 5 days ago

    He literally jutt fucked an enderman…

  • Orin ᖇᗷᒪ᙭ 5 days ago

    and the little shreks (which i would call shreklings) literally killed their mom Christine. because you know why.

  • Sebastien Dimonde 5 days ago

    Make needed in mincraft 5 plz

  • Sebastien Dimonde 5 days ago

    Hub thxxxx so much I watched all your videos the middle finger was funny right ft.

  • Sebastien Dimonde 5 days ago

    Ya ft shits out 5 Shrek’s.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Franklin Clinton Modz -v- loquendero™ 5 days ago

    Shrek it’s life

  • Galaxy aura gaming 5 days ago

    I don’t get it

  • MrKingFlow I play games 4 days ago

    Ahh I’m swimming in your swamp let me get out “what are you doing in my swamp “

  • ender brine 4 days ago

    More angry Minecraft

  • Jabarininja J 4 days ago

    1:58 SCARCE!!

  • IHAZCATS meoe 4 days ago

    One more episode of Shrek and Harry potter putting up his middle finger and I’m un subscribing

  • GD Fire 4 days ago

    Oh my god! This is so good! XD

  • The gaming Maniac 4 days ago

    The episode wasn’t to great but it was decent sorry I’ve just seen to many Shrek memes and It makes them unfunny to me other than that great job dude

  • Murder Sans 4 days ago

    Poor Enderman

  • Joseph Marquez Silva 4 days ago

    This is why you don’t do drugs

  • TheShadowFading Gaming 4 days ago

    2:43 for all haters

  • SaisMa Draws 4 days ago

    elsa in real life lol

  • Wolfy the wolf 4 days ago

    Shriek was raping the endermen of wow

  • Gaming Cason 4 days ago

    Doctor: I’m afraid you only have 4 minuets and 16 seconds to live.


  • Blaze Cannon 4 days ago

    Shrekt had a cool song reimx

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