• Catzr Awesome 1 week ago

    I love 💕 your videos so much little kelly

  • Ayianna.h games 1 week ago

    Play bedwars PLEASE!!! Like if u agree

  • Dnieto Gaming 1 week ago

    Play bedwars again!!!

  • Gabe The Emerald Creeper 1 week ago

    Can you give me some advice

  • scrappylady 1 week ago

    What the

  • scrappylady 1 week ago


  • PUFF BALL 1 week ago

    Do more evil babysitter and more guess who

  • Suzie Reid 1 week ago

    I like yoy

  • Michael Sherman 1 week ago

    Beautiful video guys

  • Young Maestro 1 week ago

    y dont u replay

  • Scooby 56 1 week ago

    Hi FANTASTIC VIDEO 😘💜💙💛💚💖😀

  • Kimberly Guy 1 week ago


  • Young Maestro 1 week ago

    kelly plz help i really wanna join u guyz

  • Young Maestro 1 week ago

    im in Kenya wat country u in????

  • Mr Blaze 1 week ago

    Pourquoi tu signale mon live

  • olivia hrybok 1 week ago

    Love u lil kelly 😃❤

  • Avram Pancovan 1 week ago

    Little Kelly picoz of you my little sister can’t wach on the phone ,on the compiuter for 10 days :(;(:(;(:( Y dont love you #youareboring

  • Willow and Hunter W. 1 week ago

    I guess the Little club is over😭😩😭😩😭😩😭😩😭😩😭😩😭😩😭😩

  • Hibernating_Freak 1 week ago

    Been watching this channel for like 5 years

  • Amy Murphy 1 week ago

    i still cant belive lc and lk will be sisters in law

  • K Geurink 1 week ago

    i love you i aways wach your vids

  • Professor Villager 1 week ago

    The murderers name… Ends with a “Y”

  • Ciara Savage 1 week ago

    If u love little Kelly subscribe to me

  • Denise Cronin Carrig 1 week ago

    You are the best YouTubers ever

  • Denise Cronin Carrig 1 week ago

    I found out about you what I was 5 I’m 9 now pls repli to me pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaas

  • howard k 1 week ago

    kelly and carly can you cek out my cnnel its mayeth camama by the way i love you so much carly and kelly

  • Goldie 1 week ago

    Haven’t been here in like FOREVER. Can someone tell me what happened to Raven and Leo?

  • Isabel Wydick 1 week ago

    your the best youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Little Ellis 1 week ago

    Could next vid u guys get infected skins so it looks like your infected but actually be survivors and hide so that the infected won’t kill u

  • Lillian Marquette 1 week ago


  • Rosie Plays 1 week ago

    did anyone notice that the f word showed you in the chat a few times?

  • xxkevingamer mane 1 week ago

    My yt?? Cool but my Twitter I added the holded little club and follow.

  • Nicola Mcguinness 1 week ago

    Phil silvers

  • Nicola Mcguinness 1 week ago

    Maurice gosfield

  • Evelyn Lambitin 1 week ago

    Did anyone noticed that little Amy joined the game then lk and lc and ls left the server.poor Amy

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