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  • SuperMarioLogan 6 months ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! I can’t believe this channel has grown this big! When I started this channel 10 years ago, I never thought this channel would get this many subscribers! I have the most amazing fans in the world! Thank you so much for watching and supporting this channel for all these years! I hope this channel will continue to grow and that I can continue to make videos for all of you to enjoy! Even though this channel is going through a rough time right now, it shouldn’t take away from this huge achievement of hitting 4 million subscribers! Looking at that number of subscribers is unbelievable. You all have truly made all of my dreams come true. I do not know where i would be without you guys! I love all of you! Thank you!

  • magnus2playzxx yt 6 months ago

    😥😥 I’ve watched u since I was 3 prayed you don’t get banned I also subbed 34 times please shoutout please my friends dad works for YouTube and he’s tried to cooperate to not get u banned another thing is pewdie has never Ben age restricted and I know why u made this vid

  • Gamers GTR 6 months ago

    It’s a glitch because u just whent in the jeffys Kid video and it was not age restricted

  • CARL PEARMAN 6 months ago

    part 2 of bbb baby machine with kens head and cody body

  • Ben Harper 6 months ago

    Is this a metaphor for your channel?

  • _XgamersforlifeX_ 6 months ago

    4 MIL!!!!!!!!

  • Evan Johnston 6 months ago

    Guess who is the king of youtube

    Its not PewDiePie Its Sml

  • Aaron Jw 6 months ago

    Idea jeffys elf on the shelf

  • Hakim Walker 6 months ago

    Hey SML hit up Dwayne and Jasmine they went through the same problem and they’re trying to contact you so that they can help you with the problem trust me they are legit I promise you!!!

  • owen edwards 6 months ago

    Guys you don’t have to quit YouTube! You can just do another series! Other than SML movies/shorts!

  • Harls J 6 months ago

    I feel like Mario is acting like YouTube demonetising your you tube channel but you tube needs to learn that people wouldn’t tie there tooth to a fat guy (shreck) and jump on a balcony or to let there dog eat a £2m dollar stone your just a you tuber yes u cuss but pewDipie and nearly evryone dose but your better than them ! 🙂 #savesml #plsdontyoutube

  • Khalid Anwer 6 months ago

    Make a v
    Vid called sml movie Jeffy makes a YouTube channel

  • Aaron Jw 6 months ago

    Would you make an elf on the shelf video please

  • The King Of Randomness 6 months ago

    heartbroKEN or Jeffy and Mario switch bodies

  • You Call That Gaming 6 months ago


  • Ella Taylor 6 months ago

    congratulations on getting 4 million subscribers

  • Rebecca Fry 6 months ago

    Logan I can’t help you my mom is probably going to say no but I hope YouTube will do more adds I’m sorry and my name is Emma

  • Memmz Meme 6 months ago


  • SCOTTDAGUY02 h 6 months ago

    Thank you supermariologan for making so many Jeffy videos I love them I always like all of your videos

  • Young Boy 6 months ago

    Logan contact Dwayne and jazz

  • XxUnicorn LoverXx 6 months ago


  • Elemental X 6 months ago


  • Rami Odeh 6 months ago

    Why in one of ur vids it bowser jr sai at least I’m not a Muslim I’m a Muslim???

  • C Storms 6 months ago


  • Im Assassin 6 months ago

    These shots at yt are so funny it sucks that the good content creators (like u guys) are getting hit by yt and the clickbait shit channels don’t get shit happening to them

  • Adam Creed Gaming 6 months ago

    Congrats on 4 million subs I watch every vids you upload like if you agree love your vids

  • SpicyJimbo 6 months ago

    its been 3 days and this video has never been either demonetized or age restricted

  • TheRogueLuxray 6 months ago

    They age restrict this? But they dont age restrict drama channels or channels that curse a lot? Aka jake paul

  • Nianoey Rodriguez 6 months ago

    you was the best channel I ever watch like I will miss I will try but i was asking if you can get me a browser teddy bear with your autograph thanks 😞😞😞😟😟😩😟😟

  • Nianoey Rodriguez 6 months ago

    and we are here for u Logan

  • Nasra Ali 6 months ago

    i love jeffy ▶ minedcraft on sml 🎥

  • Superkingproto 6 months ago

    Well done on 4 million

  • Jack Brugger 6 months ago

    Make a part 7 for chief pee pee quits

  • Hey Look Its Gabbie 6 months ago

    4:04 Sounds like the theme song to Family Guy

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