• Baseball Galaxy 7 months ago

    Need more thinks lab please and yes we NEED Kevin plzzzz-plzzzz-z bye the way love your vids and can you plz name the next minion Crystal. Thx and Noodle On

  • Periwinkle Antasma 7 months ago

    It’s back from the dead

  • The Golden Primarina Statue 7 months ago


  • TheCrazyGamingToad 7 months ago

    He is back with the minions in think lab!!!!!!😀😃

  • Jackson Burbank 7 months ago


  • TheDarkOne 101 7 months ago

    Are you going to make more thinks lab videos

  • 1604estelle 7 months ago

    like if u agree

  • 1604estelle 7 months ago

    everyone like the vid we need more

  • Jamie Serrano 7 months ago

    Wait what happened to dave’s hands they werent the same before…

  • Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness 7 months ago

    Yay it’s finally back I’ve been asking for thinkslab

  • Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness 7 months ago

    Pls make for like you use to pls I love thinkslab

  • oscar Bautista Jr 7 months ago

    This is Christmas on Halloween

  • laughingtroll gaming 7 months ago

    Like the commment

  • Jonathan Reischel 7 months ago


  • Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness 7 months ago

    We need Kevin

  • Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness 7 months ago

    I’ve been so bored with no thinks lab

  • T.H.H corp. 7 months ago

    This is the content I love

  • Andrew Ceja 7 months ago

    YES !!!!! It’s back

  • Andrew Ceja 7 months ago

    Do more !!!!!!!!!

  • DragiclayerG 7 months ago

    YES!!!!!!! More ThinksLab! Like old time again and I bet there are people that had been asleep like me waiting for more ThinksLab to COME! XD

  • Crossfire Mobile Videos 7 months ago

    More Think’s lab!!!

  • DragiclayerG 7 months ago

    ThinksLab is the BEST SERIE EVER!

  • Hayden Linn 7 months ago


  • Tina Vest 7 months ago

    My daughter and I love the lab. We we’re si happy to see this. She has watched it over and over and over. So glad it’s back.

  • Lando Allen 7 months ago

    Plz keep doing these!

  • BlueDog28 7 months ago

    Thinks Lab Blew Up In Portals Of Mystery And Now It’s Randomly Back

  • Fergus Reid 7 months ago


  • Banana Panda 7 months ago

    Great video Think and been waiting for more of the lab role play

  • TheMindOfThomas 7 months ago


  • Guy that does More that hotwheels 7 months ago

    Name one NumNums

  • Haqym YT 7 months ago

    Thinks lab is BACK!!!!!

  • KaKi Wong 7 months ago

    Do more thinks lab please

  • TheBubbled Cookie 7 months ago

    FINALLY THINKS LAB IS BACK what happened?

  • Skullygaming 21 7 months ago

    I love thinks lab I hope this is a fresh start with no minoins but Dave and kevin

  • CARTERPRO 179 7 months ago

    Thanks think

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