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Minecraft Xbox PE – 1.5 Aquatic Update New Achievement Hunt

16.73K Views35 Comments

Getting all 8 New Achievements in the update

The Best Change Yet – NEW Minecraft 1.5 Beta (Aquatic Update)

41.00K Views35 Comments

The Best change so far in my opinion For

Minecraft – GRANNY GETS ARRESTED BY POLICE (Sneaking into Granny’s HOUSE)

24.37K Views20 Comments

Minecraft has a new sneaking in challenge and

Minecraft 1.4 Aquatic Update OUT NOW All NEW FEATURES

62.02K Views35 Comments

The Aquatic Update is now out for Minecraft

Minecraft Xbox PE Update Aquatic RELEASE DATE

23.39K Views35 Comments

The release date was confirmed... Seriously, it's


64.79K Views35 Comments

Find out who is celebrating Minecraft in today's

4 MISSING Minecraft Updates You can add NOW

89.21K Views35 Comments

You can make Vanilla minecraft BETTER with these

Minecraft Xbox 360 PS3 – Last Update TU65 Release Date Info

43.42K Views35 Comments

Information on the LAST Update ever For Minecraft


83.82K Views35 Comments

This version is getting its last update, the

Minecraft’s Aquatic Update Is 3 UPDATES NOW

27.43K Views34 Comments

the 1.4 and 1.13 update aquatic is coming fairly


114.66K Views35 Comments

✔Vídeo Original: ✔Criador: ⭐ Redes

Minecraft PE Console – Shields DEFINITELY Coming

25.53K Views35 Comments

Shields have in fact been confirmed For Minecraft

I NOW WORK FOR MINECRAFT (Minecraft News Update)

132.82K Views33 Comments

I'll be WORKING for Minecraft!! Avengers Infinity

Minecraft PE Receiving A DIFFERENT Aquatic Update 4J

24.78K Views35 Comments

An announcement is happening tomorrow For

NEW Dolphins in Minecraft 1.13 – Snapshot 18w15a

12.34K Views35 Comments

Here are my first impressions of Dolphins in


88.60K Views35 Comments

Also we've got conduits, iceberg biomes, and some

NEW Mob and Features Added in Minecraft 1.13 Update

42.78K Views35 Comments

Minecraft 1.13 Update - New dolphin mob and

Minecraft 1.13 NEW Conduit Dolphin Behaviour

32.82K Views35 Comments

The latest snapshot, 18w15a for Minecraft java.

Minecraft Xbox PE – 1.20 Update Structure Blocks?

13.34K Views35 Comments

Answering YOUR Questions For Minecraft Xbox 360,

NEW Features Added in Minecraft 1.13 Update

109.03K Views35 Comments

Minecraft 1.13 Update - New features were added

Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 502: Tree Farm Slab

144.33K Views35 Comments

Minecraft survival. Today we spend some time

NEW Phantom Membrane Item New Potions (Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot Update)

128.72K Views35 Comments

The Phantom drops a totally NEW item and so much

✔ Minecraft: NEW Textures Update Was Added

66.61K Views35 Comments

Minecraft: NEW Textures Update Was Added. Every

Minecraft Villains – PROTESTORS SABOTAGE MY CORONATION (Minecraft Roleplay)

14.53K Views35 Comments

Minecraft villains is a new minecraft roleplay

Minecraft Xbox Update Aquatic 1.3 SECRET HUNT

34.61K Views33 Comments

Exploring the 1.3 beta for xbox / PE, with blue

Minecraft Xbox One PS4 – TU63 Update OUT NOW

49.04K Views35 Comments

Ttitle update 63 is out NOW For Minecraft Xbox

If Fortnite Took Over Minecraft

235.54K Views32 Comments


Minecraft 1.14 Sky Biome Update? Is 360PS3 Being Cancelled?

47.74K Views35 Comments

Answering YOUR questions For Minecraft Xbox 360,

New Minecraft Mob, Shipwrecks, and More

78.55K Views35 Comments

SO MANY NEW THINGS OMG Previous update ►

Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 501: EthoSlab City

141.50K Views35 Comments

Minecraft survival. Today we discuss the future

Why is Every Minecraft YouTuber QUITTING?

131.76K Views35 Comments

Why everyone is quitting Minecraft on

How To Prepare for Minecraft 1.13: Aquatic Update

26.25K Views35 Comments

A tutorial on how you can prepare for the aquatic

✔ Minecraft 1.13 Update – 10 Features That Were Added

146.26K Views35 Comments

Minecraft 1.13 Update - These are 10 features

Minecraft: New Water and Coral Reefs

144.39K Views35 Comments

I'm liking the new stuffs quite a bit

Rainbow Fish in Minecraft 1.13

17.41K Views35 Comments

Using a few scoreboard operations, I made

This SEED IS BANNED in Minecraft SCARY

36.72K Views35 Comments

► Make sure to Subscribe ✅ and Turn on

NEW Minecraft Block Sizes (Minecraft News Update)

110.01K Views35 Comments

Today we are going to check out the new minecraft

Minecraft | Dream Craft – Joebuz + Cody = PEACE ALLIANCE? (Star Wars Movie)

46.64K Views35 Comments

Minecraft has a new Star Wars series and this is

Minecraft 1.13 UPDATE AQUATIC – New Structure Hunt

16.48K Views31 Comments

Looking for all the variants of the new


41.65K Views35 Comments

Find out what it takes to complete minecraft as

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