• Nerfyguy6012 1 week ago

    Don’t tell anyone it seems that you can find the means of helping the smp through the listeners like secret agents.

  • SSJ5Nathan Davies802 1 week ago

    awesome so their are 2 hierachys the watchers and the listeners

  • KyanPlayz 1 week ago


  • JEMLPro 1 week ago

    If you watched till the end you know why the re-upload xD

  • The Doctor 1 week ago

    It’s becoming like Shadow Of Israphel… OMG Minecraft Evolution is a Prequal to SOI! XD

  • LadyUmbreon89 1 week ago

    Hm, so we all forgot that the Chief is Timmy’s dad? And Timmy wanted to ~cough~ ‘kill him’? -Not actually, just an old EVO PP joke!-
    Still… I thought it worth mentioning for the sake of an in-universe canon.
    Good episode, though it should be noted that all GRQ schemes are legitimately trash, thought up by possibly the laziest lowest bums of the world solely for the sake of not wanting to do “honest work”… =w= (vvv psst! look below! vvv)

    Here’s a “get rich quick” scheme: make a carnival style game where you have to hit the right button in three shots to make a piston move, but none of the buttons on the wall of wooden buttons actually has *functioning* redstone behind it to move the piston set in the booth! This is because you can demonstrate the wall working, but when another player takes a shot, the wall won’t work because _another_ piston broke the game, which can be reset by either you, or Timmy for the next demonstration to prove that it does in fact work–albeit–once per reset! >:D
    The game would cost one iron ingot (or diamond if you’be both greedy, and bold!) for three shots to play, and the consolation prize can be a renewable item like cooked beef from a cow farm, or something. You know, just to not make it seem like they got nothing for the item spent. The un-win-able “grand prize” can be a whole block of something nice such as gold, diamonds, or maybe some Lapis; just something uncommon enough to make the challenge seem like it might be worth the cost of whatever they spend. ^_^

  • Tyler Lee 1 week ago

    Big B-arbells

  • AnAntiApple 1 week ago

    Your knees! Damn

  • Cat gaming 1 week ago

    I know for a fact that at least someone here will tell somebody

  • Casey Rodmell 1 week ago

    Is it an Ear or a distorted Sapling Swirl? either way for the time being they seem to be Allies, keep it to yourselves for now, if they can obtain and place Bedrock without the Watchers knowing they must have some power

  • Nova Strike 1 week ago

    Tell nobody, gather information, and wait. These guys smell fishy.

  • Hot Slag 1 week ago

    Keep quiet… For now.

    I want to see where this goes.

  • No

  • JD Shadowmander 1 week ago

    If you tell some one, they will hear you. If you wright it on a sign, you aren’t telling anyone.

  • Ettepetet Playz 1 week ago

    Imagine another group called : the smellers, those who smell 😀

  • CD Lightking 1 week ago

    I would like to think that the chief has different stations in different SMPs! So he would have one in EVO, ( of course!) One Life and Hermit Craft! I just find that really cool!

  • TomTom651 1 week ago

    Majority told others

  • ShadowRain 1 week ago

    Go tell nobody!!! ,’:/ who’s nobody

  • CrazyKitty365 1 week ago

    Oi! You Be Quite And Tell Nobody!

  • Dam Davis 1 week ago

    My lips are sealed

  • Ethan Calvert 1 week ago


  • Nathaniel Bathgate 1 week ago

    cover it up and…… TELL NOBODY OR ELSE

  • Bodhi Davidson 1 week ago

    It’s not an ear. It’s a upside down G… for Grian

  • Dora Papa 1 week ago

    Ohh no Martyn… You know that the watchers don’t like mysterious actions…

  • Bill Nigh the Gaming Guy 1 week ago

    TELL NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Braxton Quillen 1 week ago

    I told wverybody

  • Title Pandee 1 week ago

    We need the Empire to buy this buy the mayor office

  • Sam Creten 1 week ago

    All we need now are the Smellers, Tasters and Feelers.

  • JordoLeNerd 1 week ago

    Ah yes
    We will tell nobody of that lil ending before you reuploaded it 👀

  • No Way Any How 1 week ago

    Find somebody named nobody and tell them

  • SushiTries 1 week ago

    If you put “tell nobody” there’s absolutely no chance that people will say anything.

  • Mountain Goat 1 week ago

    Don’t tell anyone, who knows what the consequences would be

  • Tayler Wilsher 1 week ago

    It says not to tell anyone so don’t

  • Miyu Aria 1 week ago

    So if there are Watchers and now Listeners does that mean there are Tasters, Smellers and Touchers

  • Daniel J Plays 1 week ago

    Why would you steal from Mini after all you guys destroyed there base also the mafia turned good

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