• DARK DESTROYER 3 months ago

    Did you know dislikes help as much as likes

  • Bannister Family 3 months ago

    Dat intro tho..

  • Awesome crazy KIDS 3 months ago

    He’s darth Vader at the beginning

  • DubStep Cat 3 months ago

    The Seeker is Darth Vader with a Kyle Reb Lightsaber and the two people fighting by the seeker then the one holding the red lightsaber is Kyle Ren

  • Jillian Lynch 3 months ago

    I have a question and if anyone knows the ANWSER pls feel free to comment and tell me. What does TBNR stand for?

  • Soda Jiggle 3 months ago

    Ben Swolo

  • Eduardo Rivera 3 months ago

    10/10 intro do this every hide and seek xD

  • Ana Lopez 3 months ago

    please show pics of when you get married

  • Ashlyn P G 3 months ago

    You should do Harry potter hide and seek😊😊

  • Thorns 3 months ago

    you do not know da wae but in time i will show you da wae you anderstand i will show you da wae and in time you will now the wae right now you do not now da wae but i will show you da wae you are not you are not ready for the way but in time i will show you da wae you anderstand …………………………………………………..ILL SHOW YOU THE FUDGING WAY

  • Melissa Rae 3 months ago

    Luv yr vids keep up the great work

  • Ryan Price 3 months ago

    do u know da wae

  • Gadiel Barja1738 3 months ago

    the intro was LIT

  • SMITHY_125 3 months ago


    Hi JJ has high school and college you have any questions or concerns you have

  • Daner 7477 R 3 months ago

    Do u know the way

  • Victor Gaetos 3 months ago

    Rob might get robbed

  • Tomasi Qoriniasi 3 months ago

    i love blues clues and im 12, is that weird?

  • Crazy Agar 3 months ago

    I just woke up and my volume was all the way up 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • SquirtItOut 3 months ago

    Nice intro!

  • Agario-Dead 3 months ago

    i pressed the like button before the video even started andi was wearing my darth maul costume when i was watching it xDDD (im a huge star wars freak)

  • beegeejay 3 months ago

    leave a like for rob being dumb!!!

  • super cute kawaii gamer 3 months ago

    Whaaaaaaat Preston found them in one shot cause of that he is a GOD AT EVERYTHING

  • Liam Bunn 3 months ago

    report copyrights

  • Rebeca Langford 3 months ago

    Hey preston do u no da wai ?

  • pupperet the girl 3 months ago

    I wish my bf cuddles with me

    I like cuddles

  • pupperet the girl 3 months ago

    That’s my intro

  • pupperet the girl 3 months ago

    Who thinks clarity is cool prestion can u repliy I want ur thoughts I like it

  • pupperet the girl 3 months ago


  • undonediva 3 months ago

    Did you hear im say the f word

  • CREEPER_ GAMING 3 months ago

    Love the intro❤❤❤

  • lol yvm 3 months ago


  • Oltun Ozavci 3 months ago


  • Daragh 3 months ago

    Man I was watching a Star Wars vid and I don’t watch minecraft and I accidentally clicked this and I was like what????

  • Isagani Gonzales 3 months ago

    Do yu no ta waiy

  • Isis Pennings 3 months ago

    That intro was bootyful xD

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