• Murdervator 1 week ago


  • Riley Barnes 1 week ago

    Hey python maybe you could do a underground railroad systen to link up town
    P.s. maybe some nether bulids

  • Diablo yuh 1 week ago

    use vines -_-

  • Simon Raff 1 week ago

    Please put some fish in your pond so the turtle isn’t lonely. I love your videos please look at my commet

  • Minecraft Short Film霜雷 1 week ago

    What a huge work.
    Good job!!

  • Shanyah Wilson 1 week ago

    Omg Python! I love your ancient. Thank you so much for making videos and taking time out of your day to film videos for people you don’t even know. And maybe make morden village after the 60th epsiode. Or after the this download.

  • Muffin Brony 1 week ago

    Heyyy Python! I REALLY love this series! It got me back into Mincraft and makes me want to go play it again. I’ve watched every episode so far and I never want this to stop. It’s something I look forward to everyday and I just thank you so much for sharing this let’s play with us.

  • android gamer 1 week ago

    How you got the shield

  • Kaden Durrant 1 week ago

    Hey python, have you tried placing water with a trap door underneath of it in the dfop chamber to solve the mobs dying when they fall?

  • Mark 1 week ago

    Python, thank you for making these Minecraft videos, i love the series please keep on going we will support you! I liked every video you make, watch the whole ads and just enjoy this content. You deserved a million subs! Thank you so much please don’t end this series and keep on going! Love from the Philippines. (Sorry for my bad grammar.)

  • M.E.S Productions 1 week ago

    Hey man love your vids! But mobs can walk over 1 trapdoor; you need 2 to make them fall 🙂

  • The Celtic Bronco 1 week ago

    I have 3 ideas for the name of the industrial settlement, 1: Grayscale plains, 2: Python Industries, and 3: Bits and Bob’s factorial city

  • Adam Foust Outdoors 1 week ago

    Hey Python, do u think you could make like a project wall that has signs of projects for future episodes? Also, keep up the good work. I haven’t missed an upload yet.

  • arsa pandya 1 week ago

    Your world is lit

  • Technical Gamer005 1 week ago

    Hey python, maybe u need to add slab in killing chamber because if any baby zombie spawn they will run to kill u

  • ThunderEagle 560 1 week ago

    Imagine hitting 50,000 subs on episode 50

  • Sly CH 1 week ago

    Python you forgot about your bridge hhaahhaha 😂

  • Charlie Shepherd 1 week ago

    I just started watching this series and I love it!

  • Kismet 1 week ago

    Python are you going to put villagers in your industrial town?

  • Alex sabin 1 week ago

    python you should get a treasure map and find a woodland mansion. BTW your vids are spectacular

  • Cindy Buntin 1 week ago

    Dude if you want an xp farm make an ender ender.

  • Aditya Sreeram 1 week ago

    Why dont you make this farm into a multi-storey building? It will look ugly with a huge floating platform

  • Short Man Walking 1 week ago

    I read somewhere that the “not surviving from a height that they should” is caused by the mobs bobbing up and down, trying to get out and, in effect, falling from 1 block higher than you intend. Dropping that water stream one down stops them from bobbing up and down because they can’t get out anyway at that depth.

  • Fung Maxime 1 week ago

    python thanks for making you minecraft upload everyday. Also that will be so cool that you made a water village

  • atomic _archer 1 week ago

    hey python its right at episode 50 you will put another map download but when you save the file plz take of your inventory stuff and enderchest stuff and put them in a chest love the series keep on the hard work

  • SuperSpatman 1 week ago

    It may be happening because the mobs are bobbing in the water. They lift up before they fall. This may not be the case, but is sometimes the problem.

  • Shadow Gaming 1 week ago

    deletesystem32.bat = bill gate’s nightmare XD

  • Mr Black Panther MBP 1 week ago

    Hey python,I really think a gold farm will be quite cool. Love your vids

  • People's Champ 1 week ago

    Howy phython live stream?????

  • Jakob Tuvesson 1 week ago

    Python. You can make a water and sign thing in the hole the mobs fall trough so they will not die because they fallen trough water and theres fall will start over again! Love your videos!

  • Het smiecht 1 week ago

    Hi Python,

    You can place vines somewhere in the mob tube to reset the falldamage of the mobs, so that you don’t have to place the soulsand higher. This will also be usefull if you want to create a second layer.
    (Place buttons to prevent the vines from growing down)

  • Andrew Hendricks 1 week ago

    witches can spawn. they dont die until 29 blocks of fall dammage

  • ArtCraft 1 week ago

    Witches and endermen may be a problem, with the ability to teleport and heal.

  • TrypticOwen 1 week ago

    Inconsistent fall damage is due to the water stream going right up to the edge. If you stop the water stream one block early and let the mobs nudge each other off, they will fall from a consistent height. (the fact that some mobs are stuck up there is bad for rates, though…)

  • Gerardo Andrade 6 days ago

    Python have you thought of making a tree house?

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