• N.I N. Slp 1 month ago


  • Yamzel kesh Penaloza 1 month ago

    u were not able to do lizzies cuz if u would notice there r preasure plates that does something when u jump so u should have used the area next which is the one with no preasure plate

  • Haha T 1 month ago

    who else is SCREAMING at her when she was in Joel’s,Lizzy’s,and Joey’s bases? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Swagat Suryawanshi 1 month ago

    <3 Happy Holidays YammaLamma

  • xHarmony 1 month ago

    Lol… nine reindeer are in the book Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. But in Twas The night before Christmas (where Santa’s journey is HEAVILY BASED on) its 8. So It’s 8 SO Yammy, techincally YOU’RE the person who was wrong xD

  • Jessica Maldonado 1 month ago

    I know we’re joeys head is it’s inside the Christmas tree😁🎄

  • Esther S. 1 month ago

    Oml, Joey didn’t post the walkthrough of his base in his video, and no one completed his, so it’s literally killing me inside because I don’t know what the end of his base is like! Anyone else feel this way?

  • Britney Amber 1 month ago

    you did a good job, yummy!! you should build Christmas tree!

  • Britney Amber 1 month ago

    but I like your base! 🙂

  • Even though you couldn’t find where to put the redstone at first I didn’t get mad like most people did

  • TFMB-Time for more blueness!! 1 month ago

    Who went to all the channels to see if anybody kills snowy 😂

  • Elenn Donuto 1 month ago

    Joey’s was way too hard for the time given

  • kaylee gabardi 1 month ago

    It was where the parkour was there was invisible blocks ti get to it

  • Janet Moeller 1 month ago

    Joey head is in the lava

  • Sparkles8000 1 month ago


  • Døn't Løøk 1 month ago

    I think if you were really smart someone could use the sword to break the spiderweb

  • Angel Vlogs 1 month ago

    800th comment!!!!!😬😁😵😄😊😄

  • Claudia Batterbee 1 month ago

    780th comment

  • Charlotte Donnelly 1 month ago

    yammy, i am really sorry but it was quite hard to find were to put things but i just what to tell you sorry

  • SRTSamuel 1 month ago

    Why the hell is everyone being so mean in the comments telling her she’s stupid when they probably literally just saw the other people’s perspectives

  • emma is tubing 1 month ago

    Santa has 8 rudolph don’t count

  • More of me Yasmin 1 month ago

    This video disappointed me so much I raged so much and I wasn’t even playing the game

  • Jayne Moulton 1 month ago

    Did anyone notice the super Mario bros sound

  • Charlee Sheremeto 1 month ago

    With the question in Joel’s it matters if you count Rudolf

  • MagicaLlama99 1 month ago


  • Golden Queen 1 month ago


  • SOFI CARREON 1 month ago

    You and Lizzy sound the same!!

  • Dave White 1 month ago

    Lizzy killed snowy

  • The Twix Princess 1 month ago

    Yammy: See Snowy I would never hurt you, and if anyone else hurts you they’re sick!
    Joey: *Kills Snowy*
    Me: Yammy thinks you’re sick.

  • HappyWren 1 month ago

    Yummy their is 8 rain deer

  • Taylee Summer 1 month ago

    Joeys base was super hard

  • Leila Bradley-Gallagher 1 month ago

    Really yammy? How stupid

  • Cookie girl 1 month ago


  • Dennis Future 1 month ago

    In the tree inside joy

  • The Crazy Gall 1 month ago

    I saw Lizzies vid first and she killed snowy the snowman first

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