Minecraft VR + LIVE STREAM + Lachlan + H4M =


  • AwesomeJWiz Overwatch PLayZ 10 months ago

    You are the worst kind of person Lachlan, the worst, why are you soooooo mean

  • Joni Bini 10 months ago

    Do more superhot

  • CLAMERNONE 10 months ago

    Hey Lachy, this was fun and all but the only thing I want is please give Rob’s money back it was his present I feel so bad…..This was hilarious by the way, ignore the brainless fanboys not understanding this is just a game, Rob will be so sad knowing his fanbase is hating on Lachlan to avenge him…

  • Dick spunky 28 10 months ago

    I love Lachlan #FUCKROB

  • StereotypicalGamer 10 months ago

    I’m that one genji I was attacking him, u can see me on screen, lol

  • Niko Tav 10 months ago

    Bru where’s ark Pokémon I miss it

  • SWAG UNICORN 10 months ago

    LACHLAN cat goes fishing CHALLENGE AGAINST SPEEDY why can get the most money is ten minutes

  • TaylorLee Franke 10 months ago

    vr gamble

  • TylerTest00897 10 months ago

    wait how would he move forward

  • JJs Videos 10 months ago


  • STRIKE 10 months ago

    why isn’t he in the pack anymore what happen

  • Isaac Onyx 10 months ago

    at one point lachlan looks at his chat and it says DoniBobes left at 27:11

  • CMPLX16 10 months ago

    Lmao Rip Rob and on his bday Lel

  • Johan Rannström 10 months ago

    how do you make minecraft in vr

  • LightningZx 10 months ago

    Who else ocd about the the spot in lachlans face cam at the bottom right

  • Calvin Borrowman 10 months ago

    Lachlan he didn’t even have good gear to fight back

  • Nick the gamer 10 months ago

    hi bro sub to me

  • TDKPlayz953 10 months ago

    minecraft vr is trash it’s so irritating

  • Laura Hinds 10 months ago

    do a dropper in vr

  • Anushree Yadav 10 months ago

    Hunger game

  • Potato BooBoo 10 months ago

    “What’s tayber”

  • max bryan 10 months ago

    Do a vr parkour map

  • Brody Oconnell 10 months ago

    Praise the Sun!

  • Fariyan Ahmed 10 months ago


  • Lachlan is such a meme…

  • Z_ GAmer 10 months ago

    saudiGamer did it

  • Aminath Hassan 10 months ago

    tell preston to play h3m

  • Crunkmaster Flex 10 months ago

    get the ak out lachlan

  • Emenike 10 months ago

    lachlan is carrying the H4M episodes. So freakin funny. I was cheering when he featured in vikks video

  • Gamersaleh 10 months ago

    Just play already

  • Carter INWOOD 10 months ago

    hi love your vids keep up the good work

    by carter i am 89 years old bye

  • John-Henry Mg 10 months ago

    yeah his playing minecraft

  • Jackson Parr 10 months ago

    Robs a bitch he almost cried after losing money in mincraft(he probs did after he ended the stream), he had it coming to him anyways

  • Those who are hating aren’t real fans 😂🙌. Lachlan is lit!

  • Archeresto 27 10 months ago

    So many salty kids crying in the comments xD hahaha

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