• cute candy 4 days ago

    And your dragons name is Crystal poatato pleb plss

  • animals lover 4 days ago

    Plz if it’s a girl name it icey if itsaboy bame it icelink

  • MinSugaBiased&WreckedByParkJimin ArmySoneBuddyExo-L 4 days ago

    call it frosty

  • Mikaela Kate Santos 4 days ago

    Name the baby drgon crystal

  • Rafi 2007 4 days ago

    Icy dragon

  • infinite plays 4 days ago

    call it icey blue berry

  • The Eclipse 4 days ago


  • Breana Rudang 4 days ago

    Girl and the name mia

  • infinite plays 4 days ago

    or the boy name ddragon king is blue

  • Jeirmeine Alfonso 4 days ago

    I know I Name!

  • Rannah Jarrice Sequera 4 days ago


  • ridzal yusuf 4 days ago

    Funneh their is a baby in a chest where u were checking next to ur house check the video!

  • Nelly_vids Forever 4 days ago

    Hahahahah a paper lambo so funny draco and he had too cut it 30 mins.😝😝😝😝😝 but dominga is so sassy she must thank draco that draco give her paper lambo

  • BrookeFinlay Playz 4 days ago

    name it Lollipop 😀

  • Hazlan AHMAD 4 days ago

    Call the it iceci

  • Le Ange Nicnix 4 days ago

    pls name it Icey

  • xDarkRainbowCandycanex Penguinxx 4 days ago


  • Aisyah Ihsan 4 days ago

    umm.. popsicle?

  • LuckyTiffany 8 4 days ago

    Ice frost it should be a boy

  • ROBLOXIAN RB 4 days ago

    Plz name the Dragon draconitefunneh

  • Maggie P. 4 days ago

    icey or snow

  • Kepj30 Kepj30 4 days ago

    Call it Glaceon

  • Aaria Lol 4 days ago


  • 初水音 4 days ago

    Funny I think the ice dragon is she because she’s so cute so she should be is she. :3

  • MoOn_LiGht Dark 4 days ago

    call it Dayana say it like day anna k DAY. ANNA

  • monophobia cherry 4 days ago

    Name it ice baby

  • MoOn_LiGht Dark 4 days ago

    Anna as in Anna and elsa

  • Savannah Cocobean 4 days ago

    U should name the dragon icy

  • Diamond Gabstar123 4 days ago

    Name it Frosty

  • tIS._dEAD._pUDDING ._. 4 days ago

    name her ELSA @0@

  • cyrus cali 4 days ago

    cal it frosty

  • Lorenzo Galgani 4 days ago

    Louie LouieLouieLouie louie LouieLouieLouie

  • Alanna Hartawan 4 days ago

    Call it frost blaze like if you agree 👍

  • Raees Aidil Rozam Effandy 4 days ago


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