Jens announces the Update Aquatic is coming to


  • Zaeim Sufi 6 months ago

    broo im soo satisfied with this new aquatic update good job mojqng

  • Zaeim Sufi 6 months ago

    broo im soo satisfied with this new aquatic update good job mojang

  • Owen Nilges 6 months ago

    Why so late it sounds amazing I want it now lol

  • K&T Colantuno 6 months ago

    This has nothing to do with this update but if you have time, can you fix the glitch for flying machines in console edition because every time you make a flying machine elevator you fall through the floor

  • Jake Catlin 6 months ago

    Add green steve

  • Benjamín Marchant 6 months ago

    Minecraft pe 1.3 mod ???

  • Fibrous Mystic 6 months ago

    I wish team mojang added wings for the overworld instead of elytra in the end world

  • Gian Lopez 6 months ago

    They should add yellow armor

  • Gian Lopez 6 months ago

    I mean pink

  • Comic Aiden 6 months ago

    All platforms!! Yesssss!!

  • Halo5698 Halo 6 months ago

    Remake the nether please and the villages and will this go on the minecraft pocket edition

  • The Skull Craft 6 months ago

    I Like TNT!

  • Dakota Gaines 6 months ago

    is it for Xbox?

  • RainBow Pon 6 months ago


  • Troll Face 6 months ago

    If they adds in water physic’s , then its may hard to create tnt cannons

  • Bradley Strachan 6 months ago

    Worst host ever! I loved him in Arrested Development and that’s about it.

  • WolfPirateGaming 6 months ago

    minecraft noooo where have you gone????!!!!

  • Lilian Daria 6 months ago

    when is this coming?!

  • DynamicJack 2017 6 months ago

    i love aquatic updates because i love fish and dolphins

  • Rasya Gamers 6 months ago

    What ITS mojang facecam ?

  • BLUE DRAGON GAMER 6 months ago

    Cool its super

  • Catalin Plocon 6 months ago

    9:02 thank me later

  • Reizha GAMER 6 months ago

    It’s a super big update for minecraft!!!!!!!! Absolutely!

  • Samantha Kelly 6 months ago

    *after seeing title* me:I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG I NEED THIS UPDATE

  • Rainbow Egg 6 months ago

    sea volcanoes would be nice with magna blocks heh

  • StarWing Gaming 6 months ago

    Cek my channel 😊

  • Hoàng Anh Lý 6 months ago

    Aquatic !? are they just like a super hero in DC?

  • sulthan daffa 6 months ago

    Pleas add a shield

  • TBNR frags 6 months ago

    Add shields in the new update

  • Joshua Visaya 6 months ago

    Why 2018 the YouTubers said November 18

  • ValenRald Valrald 6 months ago

    Why no mob C?!

  • IchPlays 6 months ago

    just recomend add season 😛

  • Diamond 83M 6 months ago

    I wish in this update has reality climbing the wall or swim and…

  • AlphaticStone 6 months ago


  • Syahril Jambi 6 months ago


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