• DragonPlayz 1 month ago

    Preston Keep up the amazing fire cactus videos <3 i love you fam

  • Cyndi Skon 3 weeks ago

    Alexander Maximus Skon age 16 born Oct 18, 2001.. Tampa Florida been kidnapped please Alex I know you love Minecraft games with your baby sister Abby.. Please Alex we love you and won’t give up looking for you.. 8134507472..

  • Liam W 3 weeks ago

    I use a to sprint

  • Micdali 3 weeks ago

    my sprint key is e

  • Ian Coleman 3 weeks ago

    I don’t have a sprint key. I use a toggle sprint mpd

  • Michael Cherchi 3 weeks ago

    I have an ipad to play minecraft not computer

  • Collin Gallaway 3 weeks ago

    I use ctr for sprint key

  • the DiepMan 3 weeks ago

    Fortnite in kind of fun. If I was bored, I would rather do Minecraft.

  • Davis Robinson 3 weeks ago

    “Do you know da way”

  • iiSimplyAiden 3 weeks ago


  • HerobrinePlayzYT! 3 weeks ago

    I use control for My sprint key! My pinkey can bend XD

  • William Finn 3 weeks ago


  • ELIJAH A 3 weeks ago

    i use x

  • Jared Cook 3 weeks ago

    I have a confession to make… I may or may not still double-tap the “w” key to sprint… the problem is, I’m so used to it at this point that I just can’t get used to using a key for it!

  • 2020edw 3 weeks ago


  • Fernando Perez 3 weeks ago

    can you donate me some robux i need some plz

  • Cadian le roux 3 weeks ago

    Mt sprint key is ps4

  • Brian Watts 3 weeks ago

    I I use shift for sprint and r for shift… I know I’m weird

  • Ameisha Lose 3 weeks ago

    my sprint key is “Tab”

  • RaKoen 3 weeks ago

    I use cntrl for sprinting!

  • TheFunTimeMan21 3 weeks ago

    i like using double tapping w

  • pulsepal100 3 weeks ago

    I use q for the sprint key

  • Jase Thomas 3 weeks ago

    I w tap twice

  • John Calupca 3 weeks ago

    I use q 2 sprint and f 2 sneak lol😆

  • Champy 1122 3 weeks ago

    I have that version and… it sucks!

  • Buildygirl Playz 3 weeks ago

    My sprint key is ctrl + w

  • Kelly Henderson 3 weeks ago

    You should keep playing the old Minecraft parcore maps

  • Ashlee Liegel 3 weeks ago

    i play xbox

  • Paws Plays 3 weeks ago

    My sprint key is control and my R key is attack because my right click is broken

  • Daniel Dave 3 weeks ago

    I love parkour cause you love it and so much fun

  • Cerealistic 3 weeks ago

    Generic roblox youtube syndrome.. poor preston got infected ;-;

  • Gabriel Pierides 3 weeks ago

    Mine srint key is alt

  • Edgar Muralla 3 weeks ago

    my Sprint key is “double W”

  • Alan Zhuka 3 weeks ago


  • Andrine TeeaH 3 weeks ago

    Preston can u please do giveaways ON YOUR MERCH

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