• Logdotzip 1 week ago

    We’re back with MNU!!!! Let me know if you want more Seed of the Week. And of course, send me your challenges!!

  • Little Ninja 1 week ago

    logdotzip i dare you to get 10 avansments

  • Hmmm ok a commutey challenge so survive a zombie apocalypse in a walled off village with villagers only useing leather armor non enchanted your weapen will be a stone sword non enchanted and at 5 minutes you can spawn 5 iron golems p.s.please do this in a flat world.

  • Big X 1 week ago

    I challenge u to get 5 obsdion in one minute

  • Obsidian cell block! 1 week ago

    Kill end dragon with max blindness unless you’re scared?

  • MalikaiThe Noob 1 week ago

    Logdotzip I dare you to survive the first night with a wooden sword

  • soliver Peter 1 week ago

    64 bit building Challenge. each space a block tacks up is how many bits it uses. like the door or bed use 2 bits. and a stone brick uses 1 bit. it needs to add up to 64 bits or you lose the challenge

  • kaleb weibel 1 week ago

    hey logdotzip here’s a challenge try to get 5 or more dolphins in boats under 10 minuets can you can spawn them in not in the boats tho but you can use the fishing rod to catch them and show those dolphins whos boss but realy who is the king of the sea logdotzip or the dolphins?

  • The Cubist 1 week ago

    Try to kill one of every hostile mob in 20 minutes, you can have a pre built nether portal. You don’t need to kill ender dragon wither or shulkers.

  • Claudio Hiram Flores 1 week ago

    Find a village, and trade with 5 different villagers in less than 7.59 secs (or just 8 secs)

  • Claudio Hiram Flores 1 week ago

    I ment min

  • ItsLoliCraft 1 week ago

    how old are you

  • elena lobo 1 week ago

    Challenge: Obtain diamonds WITHOUT taking damage!

  • skullrulz79 a 1 week ago

    Subscribe to skullrulz79 a plz

  • Anthony Loss 1 week ago


  • Cocopuff 1 week ago

    Yeah I only watch this for the articles

  • funny jokes and random stuff 1 week ago

    Make a house out of diamonds under ten minutes

  • Jeniecko Zarate 1 week ago

    Kill 50 horses using 3 stone sword in 5 mins. Play it pls
    For Challenge

  • Adrian Gonzalez 1 week ago

    Logdotzip I have a Xbox one and I want to make a Element sword in Xbox one in the better Minecraft hope you get this comment

  • Duskstar39 1 week ago

    Ok, got a challenge for you:

    Fight 5 creepers and 5 zombies without taking any damage while you have mining fatigue 1 😉

  • James Ramirez 1 week ago

    2:22 grafics…

  • Cracker Jak 1 week ago

    You should survive in the Nether for five minutes with nothing in your inventory, and blindness on.

  • Kaden’s Channel 1 week ago

    Try digging straight down without falling

  • Noriel Lalata 1 week ago

    I challenge you to make a firework show in creative mode for 10 minutes.

  • Samuel Weston 1 week ago

    Try to mine only using creepers

  • Kenneth Cruz 1 week ago

    Puro salita

  • Quinitaz 1 week ago


  • Charles Dizon 1 week ago


  • A-nimation 1 week ago

    I dare you to survive 3 nights in a cobweb super flat world (only first layer tho of cobweb tho)

  • Gangster Pigeon 1 week ago

    people still play Minecraft?

  • Awesome Gamer 1 week ago

    Challange:Go in a random seed 5 times (all different) then mine down if there is a diamond (at least 1 till bedrock) you win but if there is none you get to play 10 rounds of hypixel skywars if you lose skywars restart the 10 rounds again :)))

  • Martyric 1 week ago

    This was posted on my birthday

  • King of awesomeness 1 week ago

    Find and kill 20 horses in 10 minutes with an iron sword

  • Utility09 1 week ago

    OOOH! What! 4 years?!? I built lots of structures and buildings at the half of the world in MCPE 0.8.0 in May 2016 until May 2017 before it crashes my world. I took 1 year to make it!!!

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