• omtai 3 months ago

    stopped watching a grapeapplesauce skywars video to watch a grapeapplesauce skywars video

  • Charly Games 12 3 months ago

    10:55 friend from steve

  • gmule 14 3 months ago

    Yesss more please

  • Hokandj Dndbdkdjd 3 months ago

    It happened to me

  • Toine van Gent 3 months ago

    How do you get that minecon cape grape??

  • Laumbers VLS3 3 months ago

    👍!Your FOV?

  • Jordan Bell 3 months ago

    9:58 she was using reach hacks tho

  • Raider 㟼 3 months ago

    3:27 nope.mp3 bruh

  • Kaldan Riga 3 months ago

    Yes grape it has happened to me

  • Lil Liz 3 months ago

    Hey Grape! What texture pack do you use??

  • DrewPlaysMC 3 months ago

    You the most savage best pvper I’ve ever watched

  • Tauseef Ahmad 3 months ago

    Happens to me at least once everyday in skywars

  • Shyenne Flores 3 months ago

    I lovvvve this video <3 grape

  • Gaming With Safeen 3 months ago

    You Just Banned Me On Your Server With PrivateFearless for Hacking xD 😂🔫

  • blue burekas 3 months ago

    If you eat me i eill to dead

  • lavaguy 100 3 months ago

    Nothing appearing in chests is a glitch I think it has been happening a lot to me

  • Moe sterling 3 months ago

    The ender pearls

  • ACE PLayZ MC 3 months ago

    1 like will be put for the steve

  • anito topali 3 months ago

    grape i love you i have seen all your video and they are awasome > from greece!!!

  • Manuel Esquivias 3 months ago

    For some reson i dontlike wheyoutuber play sly wars but whaen i see u play it i love

  • Pokémon Spiro 3 months ago

    Plz visit me channel Pokémon spiro

  • Kajushh 3 months ago

    textures ??

  • Kajushh 3 months ago

    Where is dmd whent u paring. ?? 10:40

  • Sourapplesauce 3 months ago

    im so excited for grape to bring back arcadianmc thingies my ign is Sourapplesauce best of luck to all

  • Saalness 3 months ago

    i literally have the same stats as that steve, rip

  • Gain-Dale Marsh 3 months ago

    Nice trolling dude

  • ClawedRelic Gaming 3 months ago

    10:45 hole in one

  • diamond kittyplays 3 months ago

    If u sent me a friend request, i would hit accept quicker than the speed of light and sound

  • flyingcappy 3759 3 months ago

    I’m gonna get minecraft for my Nintendo Switch 😊

    I’m gonna join arcaidian_MC

  • No Name 3 months ago

    Grape can u send me ur texture pack link pls?thx

  • Jamilah De Leon 3 months ago

    random confusing dumb minecraft story:
    i was playing skywars but grape pushed me into the void and i was like ×click× tying to picture with grape above me-stop audio- me:wait theres phones in no mods minecraft? st(storyteller):ummmmm bye me:okay -no care face- okay bye i made this random dumb story so please hate me im dumb

  • BugattiPlayz 3 months ago

    Just yesterday i got nothing in one of my chests

  • Jose Garcia 3 months ago

    I can beatbox his intro and outr

  • JoshAnne RLFJ 3 months ago

    11:44 well duh they’re playing mc

  • Choi Chi To 3 months ago

    Well,i open a chest at mid and i am hoping for something useful.(nothing in chest)

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