• Austin Commentates 6 months ago

    I know that rap

  • Penderdrill 6 months ago

    I know daisy lol

  • Lily Stefanelli 6 months ago

    I was crying that’s how funny this was😂😂😂😂

  • Rage Gaming 07 6 months ago

    XD that rap tho

  • hi i like piez 6 months ago


  • JustEatLemons 6 months ago

    5:11 “/i diamond_stone”

  • AceDMan16 Gameing 6 months ago

    Australian Girls are hot.

  • Enemy 124 6 months ago

    Doni stop that CRINGE is killing me

  • Pyro Nation 6 months ago

    That is the creeper rap from dan bull

    I do wanna ,move mama, tick tock im suicide bomber

  • Superiorgamer65 10 6 months ago

    Sure I’m ready

  • Superiorgamer65 10 6 months ago

    Why do people keep writing doin

  • Fallen Maniac 6 months ago

    Troll xD

  • James Amor 6 months ago

    That was dan bull

  • Awesome Gamin' 6 months ago

    everyone like this so he can see omg ;-;

  • primalshark098 6 months ago

    yyjy the rap its cringy

  • DarkPandaLord 6 months ago

    The intro is cringe, but that’s what Doni is known for. Cringy intros 🙂

    P.S. that’s a decent rap

  • Xonio 6 months ago

    (Excuse My Language) Why THE fuck DO U RECORD UR VIDEOS IN 270 FPS

  • JcVideos 6 months ago

    His voice changer is really good

  • Dnalyt Gaming 6 months ago

    DUDE OMG UR DISCORD PIC IS THE SAME ON MY XBOX GAMER PIC DUDE OMG. LIFE CRAZY DOOD. btw my gamertag is Prince Onatie… Yeah sorry for the late view but see ya i saw ur newiest vid tho

  • Dnalyt Gaming 6 months ago

    Omg lol i think Doni lowkey tied to fly at 3:30

  • Toxicfern Playz 6 months ago

    Of course I’m ready I never miss out

  • Maikol Glover 6 months ago

    :O watch 1:25 look at his picture for the chat Goku Ultra Instinct I LOVE DRAGON BALL SUPER and i Think you DO TOO

  • Elixir Drax 6 months ago

    14:16 what ur so hot

  • Maja Glisic 6 months ago

    she sounds like Heyimbee XD

  • Demonbourne Wolf 6 months ago

    U copied the creeper rap

  • Lol tricked em with the rap (laughing so hard 🤧

  • Death Army 6 months ago

    All hail the mighty Doni Bobes who is everyhting all at the same time as shown at 17:50

  • Ebeer TM 6 months ago

    Novo Servidor Gamer
    Ligados Mais Para Android Entra Lá Você é Sempre Bem Vindo(a) !

  • Tenth Divine 6 months ago

    7:07 Because Doni’s trying not to laugh, of course!

  • cmcorb c 6 months ago

    Intro: doni:knock knock
    Rga:ugh who’s there doni
    Doni:you get
    Rga:you get who
    Then perm ban him

  • dangerboi best 6 months ago


  • EliSk8s Gaming 6 months ago

    I love your laugh, its so contagious

  • Irene Lin 6 months ago

    I weirdly Ship Doni and this girl 💖

    Just me…?

  • Bryan Joseph Langa 6 months ago

    I want Daisy and Doni will make More Videos together XD The video was funny. I want them to troll other people

  • Yasmin Silva 6 months ago


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