Todays video is next level trolling or pranking.


  • Mr. Meowser 3 months ago

    Do a tutorial on how to build the grian Empire

  • ErnieProbably 3 months ago

    Make your roof 3 roofs

  • Prissy dixie 3 months ago

    Why dont you ever stream grian?

  • Prissy dixie 3 months ago

    For the roof you should make a platform that has other crops,etc
    Perhaps there can even be a cool fountain as a centrepiece

  • Baiza Mand 3 months ago

    3:20 Grian is feeling naughty, and wants to get a good reaction out of Netty; if you know what I mean.

  • Jardon Moron 3 months ago

    Make a nice glass dome on the Grian Mansion. Then make a really evil thing on top of it.

  • Pauleen Musni 3 months ago

    This is so funny I’ll try to do that just for fun we always do pranks too

  • peter rosario jr. 3 months ago

    I waiting for Netty to reply after watching this :3

  • Prissy dixie 3 months ago

    You never learn your lesson do you grian

  • MemelordAlaka'i 3 months ago

    Real *thicc*

  • MemelordAlaka'i 3 months ago

    Looks *thiccer* and nicer

  • atar0. 3 months ago

    “Real thicc” Grian, 2k18

    “Thiccer and nicer” Grian, 2k18

    just no

  • _BlazinLions _ 3 months ago

    Need good builders for Minecraft group on Xbox one so hmm on snap @ Brenden hanner

  • Joel Ong 3 months ago

    Epic Intro 😮

  • SHiF T 3 months ago

    *now as you can see here the wild netty is chasing grian*

  • Edisun_123 3 months ago

    I lost it at 26:05

  • Coffee 3 months ago

    Can you make a industrial style factory or something of the simular

  • gamingspirit 3 months ago

    HOLY ****

    You want to know what the **** is its poop lol

  • chris watkins 3 months ago

    And there’s karma for you grian! xD

  • Minecrafter Gmail 3 months ago

    Grian troll more people when they are streaming.Please.

  • captain jiggles gaming and hobbies 3 months ago

    Have a suggestion for your entrance roof… maybe a half dome and the flat end would face your mob spawner just don’t know how to detail that side lol

  • Pin Valentine 3 months ago

    This was comedy gold. How am I going to write this into evo in a Nutshell?

  • Atirannosaurus 3 months ago

    Grian: I just started building, and then… *turns around* I didn’t stop.
    Me: Holy sh*t! That’s so cool!

  • Javier owo 3 months ago

    Gian you are evil amd I love it. Holy heck <3

    You almost died 3 times.

    And it serves you right for doing the nether thing xD "Check for ghasts. Okay we're good for now- AUGHHH NOOOO!"

  • Educational Purposes Only 3 months ago

    When I first saw it I gasped out loud

  • electric kettle 3 months ago

    The watcher will give coal to grian again

  • BenChester - MinecraftPE 3 months ago

    Grian make another build your comment series please!! 🙏🙏

  • Daedric Radio 3 months ago

    You should make a giant village and a wall with the only way to get in is to pay a fee through the railroad tracks.

  • NoArtisticLimitation 3 months ago

    XD this was so bad and so funny XD if I ever tried that my gf would kill me…… considering it… XD
    (Honestly I wouldn’t do this to her, she’s too sensitive… but my bestie I would so do it, cos she knows I mean well and woild prolly do the same back XD

  • rieyshmond sf 3 months ago

    umm grian you should make the roof a victorian style roof

  • AkGamer. Ro 3 months ago

    Karma got Grian

  • beyerkid t.t.t 3 months ago

    Grian u said u wouldn’t brake anything but all that tnt did some damage any way great vid

  • oday farid 3 months ago

    This is a little late but I prefer empire of demolition than empire of explosion

  • unknown uriel 3 months ago

    U should have made a lever choice thing that has one lever that destroys the diamond and the other one that gives it back but both give the diamond back bust scares the victim with a TNT blast

  • Anton Brown 3 months ago

    Maybe instead of working with (TOUGH) angles, you could build out a bit of a platform to make the build on a x / y axis, rather than a xy axis…

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