• Blue toad 22 6 months ago

    At 16:39 through 16:44 I thought my phone was frozen

  • Pink Wizard 6 months ago

    Preston when you sellout you always say “kind sir” can we get a little appreciation for the woman out here watching please? Like if you agree:)

  • Pyro Gamer 6 months ago


  • ShadowMatrix 6 months ago

    10:31 that killed me

  • CupCat09 6 months ago

    13:21 Trenevi you bleeped when Robabdobflob said Goddarnit I don’t understand the unnecessary censorship.

  • Emma's & Dylan's Channel 6 months ago

    1:38 Kind sir? Wait… DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER >:O

  • nina ocampo 6 months ago

    insta carma at the end

  • Jack Michaels 6 months ago

    BRAND NEW =/

  • Toni Barrios 6 months ago

    1 like=1 the video with the pack

  • LavaCreeper Playz 6 months ago


  • Joey Yap 6 months ago

    is it only me I think he’s mighty med

  • William Nardella 6 months ago

    #click bait

  • The Darkest Lord 6 months ago


  • Ultimate GAmers 6 months ago

    Can somebody give me the download to this map?

  • Brielle Redus 6 months ago

    that was funny at the end but watch out they will always trick you just know that💘💘💘

  • Owen MURRAY 6 months ago

    Jake paulers

  • pinka mina 6 months ago


  • Jer Leh 6 months ago

    If you don’t like this guy you are a crazy person.

  • George Simpson 6 months ago

    I 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 this channel


    The worst map ever created. Whoever created this map is the dummiest person ever

    Read more

  • Blazewind 25 ` 6 months ago


  • Dante Rizo 6 months ago

    You are the best YouTuber in the whole wide world

  • Nexdro Critical Ops 6 months ago

    Said my cousin your the worst parkour Preston and he even do the most simple parkour in the world

  • Blake Bushnell 6 months ago

    Where was the take off the boots part

  • Mr Magnificent 6 months ago

    Damn ad ruining the best moment

  • jordan vh 6 months ago

    I swear, this video is soooooooooooooo good. I love it. It is THE best. I couldn’t stop laughing. Please play more of these xd.

  • Alexon James Cervera 6 months ago

    Preston can u watch my Minecraft video and sub

  • YAY prestostyelz

  • Ayooluwa Adebayo 6 months ago

    Im new

  • TheRobotDoctorGuy 6 months ago

    i feel bad for preston when he was happy stepping on that gold presure plate but he was pi** off so he wass sad edit: 1 like = preston will never get trolled pls :]

  • Angelo M 6 months ago

    you having a good time preston NOOOOOOOOOo

  • thewelcometab 6 months ago

    What if a girl is watching

  • Jeslyn OMG 6 months ago

    There is someone else on the server other than you 2… it is tbstewa…

  • Alan The TofuuDiger Girl 6 months ago

    Rag spiders

  • Kayden Lim 6 months ago

    report map

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