• Ninja Nathan 1 week ago

    I saw you at the mincraft event

  • RandomGamer ForDaWorld 1 week ago

    Jerome this is suppose to be the 4th episode not the 3rd.


  • DDDinc. 1 week ago

    U should have picked up the wool for the last quest

  • Harrison Loo 1 week ago

    You should play zombsroyal.io

  • Diablio Reaper 1 week ago

    SSUNDE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ArabsCamel 1 week ago

    You’re horrible about cleaning your inventory. It takes like two minutes to put stuff in a chest!

  • Monkey Man 1 week ago

    The giant ice snake name would be frank, f for frozen and rank for snake

  • wolf pack 1 week ago

    This is ep 4 not 3

  • Kevin Stoker 1 week ago


  • jeremy phipps 1 week ago


  • Nelson Kupal 1 week ago

    Do more lords.io pls

  • killer nocho 1 week ago

    More modded Trap please

  • gaming with utkarsh 1 week ago

    Play more pixark

  • msmack4484 1 week ago

    do more modded traps

  • Thunder Gaming 1 week ago

    Where’s Jurassic Craft

  • Thunder Gaming 1 week ago

    You promised 2 weeks ago it would be soon

  • Xavier Elliott 1 week ago

    You should play doodle god again

  • brianaplayz b.m.w. 1 week ago

    i have a pixelmon server going up hear soon pm me on discord if you wont the ip my discord info is brianaplayz #9390

  • Dj is_ Gaming 1 week ago


  • Haroon Kausar 1 week ago

    Do realms soccerrer book 2

  • Rage games 1 week ago

    Plz try augmented triad

  • Stacey Dalao 1 week ago

    Jerome play more call off duty

  • Stacey Dalao 1 week ago


  • pro gaming 1 week ago

    Effect yourselves with saturation

  • Aayush Goyal 1 week ago

    Do Easter egg realms

  • kingstoncoolkid 1 week ago

    Yeah it’s another mod or maybe it was PIXARK

  • Silent Drop 1 week ago

    Who else misses the pack😭

  • Adam Booker 1 week ago

    You should play rocket league

  • Tillableyew 6883 1 week ago

    Jerome Please sub to me youtub

  • Virginia Borden 1 week ago

    drone can you please set my friends list on Steam I sent you it like 2 minutes ago 10

  • Thebomb 17 1 week ago

    23:01 lol

  • Marla Sunstrum 1 week ago

    You can craft a trap box or a pokeball to get a rabbit or other animal

  • Abarilla Jade 1 week ago

    jerome i think theres a cow face in the dark forest

  • Nicholas Niemi 1 week ago

    What ever happened to troll craft

  • Dakota Messenger 1 week ago

    The minoshroom will show up on the magic map and if it doesn’t you gotta search in a swamp that’s where it is located not in grassland or anything swamp only

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