• Noah Ashbaugh 10 months ago

    my mistake not a mob farm

  • Triston Whedon 10 months ago


  • Miel Land 10 months ago

    Im not a newbie im playing minecraft like 2 and a half years and I dont know What Ssundee is doing

  • Triston Whedon 10 months ago


  • Cloudy Husky 10 months ago

    He likes lemon heads so much…. oml

  • Waving Water 10 months ago

    you should of made a M.E system

  • Filia Fiorena 10 months ago

    Ssundee Crainer And Thea are being thief Beacause Their Using Your Portal To Get Free Soul Sand And Crainer Cant Mine Obsidian yet

  • Hamzah MAAN 10 months ago

    SSundee play clash of clans Like if you agree

  • Tucker Hoskinds 10 months ago

    Do a cobble gen with one of the auto crafter

  • mr. maxwell 10 months ago

    its make cactus farm!!!!!!!!(say the viewer)

  • Jonathan Stevenson 10 months ago

    It’s funny because Ssundee made a cactus farm , he said it was fun playing with newbies, yet he still makes it wrong. Gaaaaah I was screaming “YOU MISSED FENCES” at the screen

  • Leland Isla 10 months ago


  • John Kennedy 10 months ago

    When Ssundee said he could make anything he wanted in the intro I thought he would say cobblestone. Not a heart to give to his mother

  • Carlje Saunders 10 months ago

    You should of made a emc system

  • PETER VLOGS 10 months ago

    when you said something about mother nature in Poland trees were knocked down by thunderstorms

  • QwannyMon 10 months ago

    ME SYSTEM?!?

  • livestream what is minecraft with madelyn like so ssundee can see this ☺

  • Readicoulus 3 10 months ago

    emc machine

  • ASRIAL DREMURR 10 months ago

    SSundee: All i do is expand!…

    Me: -Facepalms-

  • Alexander Kominek 10 months ago

    Ivanka was his wife!

  • MLG ISAIAH 10 months ago

    good vid

  • Marc Jeremaiah Adlong 10 months ago

    pls make an episode of what is minecraft 2 in onr week pls i rly like this series
    pls like so ssundee can see

  • Bobby Taylor 10 months ago

    derp ssundee should love his mom and his mom will love him

  • Loyd Gamer YT 10 months ago

    Ssundee can you play the new pixelmon version

  • RSM_Alex 10 months ago

    Ssundee You Can Do The Same Thing That You Did In The Cactus Farm On The Ender Quarry !!!! And Then It Will Make Anless Amounts Of Items!!! Like If You Like My Idea Guys!!! <3

  • bread slice gaming 10 months ago

    aaha now i know why his mother doesnt love him HE DOESNT HAVE A REAL JOB!!!

  • Ivyanna's Life 10 months ago


  • Fardust 378 10 months ago

    lol Ssundee the Ark Angel

  • Ghoster XZ 10 months ago


  • Rachel Padilla 10 months ago

    octocobble gen up

  • Henry BJust 10 months ago

    would you like a hawt fudge ssundee™?

  • Sam Johnson 10 months ago

    youuuu can trade with keahann agian

  • noah santos 10 months ago

    What happened between sky and ssundee

  • jazzywolfgirl awesomejazzy 10 months ago


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