• gamer 101 2 weeks ago

    I think it’s all a part of jeromes ruse to end at a cliffhanger to increase suspense.

  • Doggu Derpwoofa :P 2 weeks ago


  • Yin x Yang 2 weeks ago


  • rosey voy 2 weeks ago


  • MrQuackerJacks Jr. 2 weeks ago

    Add dondi

  • IceCream Sandwich 2 weeks ago


  • THE DIAMOND MASTER57 Diamond 2 weeks ago

    Play BTD 6

  • Vangie Odi 2 weeks ago

    there is something in the top there is papers

  • Shaun Murtaza 2 weeks ago

    This is England

  • Clark Dela Vega 2 weeks ago

    Warframe play that game its free on steam

  • Lewis Smith 2 weeks ago

    Best ending to a stream ever,Jerome’s game crashes

  • Kum Lum 2 weeks ago

    U are connected with aphmau?!?!?!?Film urself with her or be one of her roleplays pls!

  • Greninja Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • Roadkipper 2 weeks ago

    it shut off

  • Garliclog 2 weeks ago

    you can clearly tell that Jerome wanted to milk another episode out of raft so he ‘crashed’ and then ended the stream. I mean he was even tabbed out of the game.

  • Pitbull Mama 2 weeks ago

    During my math class when my teacher give use new formulas then he says “here is your guys Formuloles”

  • Malcolm Pike 2 weeks ago


  • Xhale D 2 weeks ago

    I like how dasha asking for nails and Jerome has 15 last stream and this stream πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Ryan Webb 2 weeks ago

    SS.Biffle’n Pop

  • Aaron Ragland 2 weeks ago

    He ended on purpose

  • cool bro jorge 2 weeks ago

    Can you do a crew 2 video

  • icewallowcome 000 2 weeks ago

    lol when your channel is slowly dieing xD

  • The Legend Apex 2 weeks ago

    What a cliff hanger woowoowoow

  • Master Maverick 2 weeks ago

    Do the house game tomorrow

  • hamzaali11440@gmail.com 2 weeks ago

    I’am watching your vids from 6 year I really like you Jerome keep it up

  • Noob_Gamer91 2 weeks ago


  • Noob_Gamer91 2 weeks ago


  • Logan Beasley 2 weeks ago

    There is going to be a btd 6 game on iOS on June 14th

  • Joseph Dalessandro 2 weeks ago

    Pls play Age of empire every week or every other week

    I need more pls πŸ˜…

  • Jānis OzoliΕ†Ε‘ 2 weeks ago

    i cant wait for age of empire 4 end why did people stop making does kind of games

  • Kevin Urbano 2 weeks ago

    38:42 Im Cuddling with Jerry ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

  • Daring 5 2 weeks ago

    Why did it have to end like this

  • James Taylor 2 weeks ago


  • Rachael Boyer 2 weeks ago

    For me I’m out do school

  • Ms. Directed Bros. 2 weeks ago

    This series will be more fun with tewts

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