• Erick Puma 3 weeks ago

    Nick is the best my name is Erick puma

  • Gori C 3 weeks ago

    Pixelmon is back

  • Erick Puma 3 weeks ago

    Nick you can craft an egg

  • Donte Young 3 weeks ago

    Get a dragon egg

  • Kelvin Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    Nick u dont have the most powerful armor for dragons

  • Kelvin Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    Use the thing u got from dragons and make aromr and then try to find a fire dragon sword or ice sword then ur readdy to take them down and u can haerd the dragon wings flaapppingg under ground

  • Kelvin Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    They drop a fire egg or a ice egg whan killd u can take thir haeds and then it tells u that ifnits lv 5 lv 4 lv 3 lv 2 or lv 1 try finding under dragons and get eggs use bones and any meetmake something to help ur dragons to grow faster

  • Kelvin Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    1 more thing u need a dragon coommed staff if u dont use it the little new bron well go msdds also u can use q dragon backak

  • Kelvin Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    If u need more help go to little lizard he dose a dragon thing he has same mod as u but more go to his first dragon ep and they well show u

  • Kelvin Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    And like

  • Kelvin Rodriguez 3 weeks ago


  • Heerad Kalan 3 weeks ago

    Please make more episodes for wild Minecraft

  • Kristin Pakulak 3 weeks ago

    is that skyrim music in the background

  • Alex Phan 3 weeks ago

    Nick and Jordan u should try to make a name for the subscribers like if u agree

  • WILLIAM WHITCOMB 3 weeks ago

    Poor dragons sooo sad

  • Natsu Dragneel 3 weeks ago

    Click on a dead dragon with a empty hand or you will never get a dragon egg

  • Strawberrry Arewonn 3 weeks ago

    You need to craft a Lectern then put your bestiary inside of it and theres another slot where you put manuscripts in, the more manuscripts you put in with the bestiary the more pages you get if you know what I mean (Hope you guys find this H E L P F U L)

  • Michael Delozier 3 weeks ago

    Omg when my phone actually got the notification for this video i was playing Skyrim!!!😂😂😂 I absolutely love your videos guys……..also u should see if u can tame any other mobs…i would love to see u guys tame a unicorn or Pegasus or something like that(btw i dont even know if u have those mobs in there so my bad……)

  • Ana Ren 3 weeks ago

    they said luvly like stampy XD       edit: I think

  • CupCakeWolf94 3 weeks ago

    Nick i just really wanna know… how do you marry a view??

  • Tracy Lee 3 weeks ago

    Hey who ever sey go west u go down to find bigr dragon

  • CupCakeWolf94 3 weeks ago

    and…if you wanna fly uoi could get the bicycle that fly such as the pony bicycle

  • king of the flame 3 weeks ago

    You should craft more blocklings

  • king of the flame 3 weeks ago

    A dirt blockling can be crafted with 8 dirt and 1 Redstone dust

  • Adam Nieves 3 weeks ago

    nick don’t forget about your pet pal that you us with p

  • Ashgreninja Ashlacario 3 weeks ago

    Right click the dragon with nothing in your hand to get everything or have a glass bottle and right or left click it to get it’s blood then make it’s sword element

  • Bryan Balletto 3 weeks ago

    Nice music fellow dragonborns

  • Piedade D souza 3 weeks ago

    Can I download the mod please ?

  • Noor Muhammad Naveed 3 weeks ago

    Click the dragon skeletons body with an empty hand

  • Ziq Smith 3 weeks ago

    Get a dragon egg

  • LilNaenae lit 3 weeks ago

    Tam the dragons

  • Riley Doggett 3 weeks ago

    Read the beastiary it says to do something with a lecture which might get more stuff in the book

  • Dallas Orchard 3 weeks ago

    hey nick ive got a tip for you… you should  get fire and blast protection on your armour so that u don’t catch on fire and so the attacks from the dragons don’t hurt u as much and for Jordan you don’t need armour because u r the PINEAPPLE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • robert button 3 weeks ago

    loved it use a gorgon head on a dragon in episode 14 wild minecraft with l8gams

  • Geranai France 3 weeks ago

    All dragons are strong a like depends on there stage but fire dragons like the emerald and the rest are very hard to take care of

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