• I_like_potatoes 2 weeks ago

    But dont worry im ok

  • Littalman Tavares 2 weeks ago

    There was a chest in the tree close were you found the spider pet

  • The Thinker 007 2 weeks ago

    their is a chest in the tree outside your house were you found your spider pet

  • Sergio Delamora 2 weeks ago

    You guys mist the a chest

  • Elise Zhang 2 weeks ago

    Can you continue the lucky block battles series? And the challenge will be chosen by comments? Please?

  • Edward Mu 2 weeks ago

    I think you missed a chest with an inventory pet in it.

  • Isaac Chen 2 weeks ago

    did you know tbradm (the creator of pokemon brick bronze) subribed?!?!

  • Riley Freer 2 weeks ago

    make more videos on this and do a video with other youtubers like unspeakable, crainer, ssundee, moosecraft please please it would get you more subscribers

  • Ziggy the edge lord Smith 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone see the chest at 9:31?????

  • Soul Wolfz 2 weeks ago

    Pls like this l8games

  • LMTSuccessGroup 2 weeks ago

    make more fnaf and make a new crazycraft sieries

  • Calvin Schmidt 2 weeks ago

    you missed a tree chest

  • Nikita Mannering 2 weeks ago

    do a jurassic wolld seares please your awesome

  • Kobe Tee 2 weeks ago

    Y you no do fighters ex in months i have waited keep going on ya channel and there are noo fighters ex did ya forget about it

  • Adrian Benavides 2 weeks ago

    Nick you missed that chest in the tree not the trunk that died

  • umbreonthelord 2 weeks ago

    Around 9min and 12 sec nick missed a inventory pet

  • L8 night 2 weeks ago

    I have another idea for a wild Minecraft seres pokemon survival seres wild Minecraft a pixelmon is so exciting

  • Angel Abila 2 weeks ago

    you missed a chest

  • Sean Richardson 2 weeks ago

    L8nick you can upgrade your backpack by putting an empty backpack in yours and you will have more space

  • Eva Garcia 2 weeks ago

    How do you get a sword like that in minecraft

  • titus miller 2 weeks ago

    King Sloppee

  • Mikey Capelton 2 weeks ago

    Do l8nick have a girl friend

  • Giovanni Torres 2 weeks ago

    Where is the Pokemon roleplay

  • Erika Moralez 2 weeks ago

    I think there’s a pineapple inventory pet

  • Thunder Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Lol we should yell at Nick sense he misses a chest In a tree!

  • Faith Adams 2 weeks ago

    You missed a chest

  • Kaleb Gordon 2 weeks ago

    Nick you mist a chest

  • Johanna Faith Batu 2 weeks ago


  • Isaac Chen 2 weeks ago

    can you call that blockling top?

  • Serge Nakad 2 weeks ago

    nick you went past a chest

  • WitFighter 2 weeks ago

    did you notice right after you found the spider pet, you walked right past a tree with a chest in it????????

  • Ethan Patterson 2 weeks ago

    Keep it up

  • Cuong Tran 2 weeks ago

    you missed a cheat in the tree

  • Cool Cousins 2 weeks ago

    U forgot a chest

  • Shayan Imran 2 weeks ago

    Jordan we love you

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