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  • samaplayer !!!!! 8 months ago

    Worst accent ever

  • samaplayer !!!!! 8 months ago

    I think that unspeakable gaming deserves mor subs than you. Who is with me

  • Gaming Reviewer 8 months ago

    You should start a minecraft survival series with jelly,azzy,sanna and also josh if possible! Like if you agree!

  • Josef Schaeffer 8 months ago

    Build more

  • Elite Saiyan 8 months ago

    Play this series with Azzy or Jelly or Slogoman…

  • Tang Matthew 8 months ago


  • Ummohammed E 8 months ago

    kweb you can make a orange bed by orange wool

  • Arsalan Azizi 8 months ago

    please make this more then 300 Videos because i love That and learn from you

  • Anumalla Karthikeyan 8 months ago

    Please Jordi one more video on minecraft plz

  • Atif M 8 months ago

    use optifine and shader

  • Jus Blazin 8 months ago

    You have 10 k fagot

  • Suraj Thapa 8 months ago

    Please upload a video of Minecraft once a week pls pls pls pls:-) 🙂

  • mana dan 8 months ago

    kwebblekop you ar best guy

  • Farhan Mahtab 8 months ago

    play more play mooooree… we kops want more Minecraft.

  • Irene Waddell 8 months ago

    I Like to watch you build a house

  • mubeen karim 8 months ago

    Plz make two ep every week for us kops

  • Soham Pradhan 8 months ago

    Do another one

  • tamerikush Moor 8 months ago

    kwebbelkop thy to saty olive in find food whit out macking a home

  • tamerikush Moor 8 months ago

    can you live by get in hit on a car and live

  • Moonlight 8 months ago

    min moer

  • Johvier McCray 8 months ago

    Play scrap mechanic

  • minecraft_ god 8 months ago

    add the car mods

  • Michael Medina 8 months ago

    kwebblkop this Minecraft videos are the best videos can you do more because there the best

  • Del Marsh 8 months ago

    Do more minecraft

  • tiger lugger 8 months ago

    kwebbelkop can you play minecraft hunger games

  • Jing Wen Li 8 months ago

    u have same tecturpack as me I use that

  • Jing Wen Li 8 months ago

    can u make a realm and invite your fan like me 🙂

  • Jing Wen Li 8 months ago

    wait u had mod????!?!?!?

  • Mike Leeflang 8 months ago

    Can you play rocket leageu with jelly and slogoman
    Kan je een keer rocket leageu spelen mischien ook een keer met jelly en slogoman

  • Joyce Hart 8 months ago

    Do it again

  • Bloody Gamer 8 months ago

    Plz play minecraft with jelly and josh

  • Arika Kwok 8 months ago

    Do more MINECRAFT

  • Arika Kwok 8 months ago

    Do more MINECRAFT with azzy

  • Cobrafang 197 8 months ago

    I’m a cub or however you spell it I’m one of them, I love you and you’re channel

  • Aadiv Thomas 8 months ago

    Something makes it look like pocket edition

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