• Queen of the pegasus 10 months ago

    dantdm can you PLEASE can you react to MMD – DanTDM, Dr Trayaurus and Denton – Echo

  • Aaron Darch 10 months ago

    The desert Zombie is called a Husk and the snowy skeleton is called a Stray

  • Hh Aaxd 10 months ago

    Your brother loves you and you don’t even care wow your a bad person he thight you how to play mincrfit he loves you to if you Just give him a shout out he will be so happy
    Or even call

  • Fnaf boy 72 LOL 10 months ago

    U daaaaa best Dan

  • Lukas Lo 10 months ago

    Do not press jump

  • dan pls know this you’r twin brother pls

  • Chris Vlogs 10 months ago

    Dan exit without saving

  • Ayrton Wickstead 10 months ago

    dan can you make more hello neighber

  • Micah Senter 10 months ago

    It took me two days

  • Harry Potter Lover 10 months ago

    Dan really!

  • Ronald Buvan Garcia 10 months ago

    Who remembers riddle school

  • super kitten 10 months ago

    dantdm pls comment on one of bijju mikes vid

  • Lol

  • Mykaelah Sanchez 10 months ago

    Dan it needed to be taller

  • Ayrton Wickstead 10 months ago

    everyone mike isnt dans twin right dan

  • super kitten 10 months ago

    notice your “brother!”

  • mad man 789 10 months ago

    when you hit the slime block don’t jump

  • Hadi Bayram 10 months ago

    Plz dan react to every dantdm intro played at the same time vid

  • Mykaelah Sanchez 10 months ago

    Never mond

  • Logan Hippwell 10 months ago

    dan is bijuu mike your twin brother?

  • Kiri GAMING 10 months ago

    dan just craft detector map !

  • Lazerjon things 10 months ago

    I used to be a fan…

    Now I’m a air conditioner:):)

  • gamer x 10 months ago

    What happened to pixlemon

  • Zachary Ziemkowski 10 months ago

    Mike + dan = pewdiepie

  • anthony masias 10 months ago

    Dan your name is Daniel

  • Brett Shebish 10 months ago

    Dan when are you going to play tomadache life

  • St Awesomeness 10 months ago

    I am gonna go see you in your Jacksonville show tonight!!!

  • Shelby Hudson 10 months ago


  • Untold Gaming 10 months ago

    Subscribe to untold gaming on YouTube it’s my channel just clik me I’m starting to do video in 2 days

  • The George Bro's 10 months ago

    U forgot the stuff in the chest

  • scorpion kid 10 months ago

    plz do more of these plzzzzzz

  • Alex_DK_Gaming 10 months ago

    Hey Dan do you have a brother???

  • 4Fun4You Lol 10 months ago

    they look similar so thats funny and theres no similarities except the hair -ProudScrub and proud -DiamondMCRider

  • RheaLPS 10 months ago

    Dan is amazing! and diju Mike is not his brother! he’s just wants to be famous, so he hoped on the diamond Minecart, to ride fame! Dan I love you, never give up! also Dan is British diju Mike is American. he also was born on a different day. don’t believe me?? watch both of there draw my life videos!!!!! come on guys, Dan is awesome, TeamTDM!!!!!!! BTW I don’t know who this guy diju Mike is but I just want Dan to know, I will never ever watch diju Mike. because I am on TeamTDM, and that’s all I want to say, I don’t mean to be rude. but I just want to protect Dan….

  • Alex_DK_Gaming 10 months ago

    because if you have it may be Bijuu mike i’m so sure about it

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