• Queen of the pegasus 7 months ago

    dantdm can you PLEASE can you react to MMD – DanTDM, Dr Trayaurus and Denton – Echo

  • Aaron Darch 7 months ago

    The desert Zombie is called a Husk and the snowy skeleton is called a Stray

  • Hh Aaxd 7 months ago

    Your brother loves you and you don’t even care wow your a bad person he thight you how to play mincrfit he loves you to if you Just give him a shout out he will be so happy
    Or even call

  • Fnaf boy 72 LOL 7 months ago

    U daaaaa best Dan

  • Lukas Lo 7 months ago

    Do not press jump

  • buzzy 7 months ago

    dan pls know this you’r twin brother pls

  • Chris Vlogs 7 months ago

    Dan exit without saving

  • Ayrton Wickstead 7 months ago

    dan can you make more hello neighber

  • Micah Senter 7 months ago

    It took me two days

  • Harry Potter Lover 7 months ago

    Dan really!

  • Ronald Buvan Garcia 7 months ago

    Who remembers riddle school

  • super kitten 7 months ago

    dantdm pls comment on one of bijju mikes vid

  • N1 ee 7 months ago


  • Mykaelah Sanchez 7 months ago

    Dan it needed to be taller

  • Ayrton Wickstead 7 months ago

    everyone mike isnt dans twin right dan

  • super kitten 7 months ago

    notice your “brother!”

  • mad man 789 7 months ago

    when you hit the slime block don’t jump

  • Hadi Bayram 7 months ago

    Plz dan react to every dantdm intro played at the same time vid

  • Mykaelah Sanchez 7 months ago

    Never mond

  • Logan Hippwell 7 months ago

    dan is bijuu mike your twin brother?

  • Kiri GAMING 7 months ago

    dan just craft detector map !

  • Lazerjon things 7 months ago

    I used to be a fan…

    Now I’m a air conditioner:):)

  • gamer x 7 months ago

    What happened to pixlemon

  • Zachary Ziemkowski 7 months ago

    Mike + dan = pewdiepie

  • anthony masias 7 months ago

    Dan your name is Daniel

  • Brett Shebish 7 months ago

    Dan when are you going to play tomadache life

  • St Awesomeness 7 months ago

    I am gonna go see you in your Jacksonville show tonight!!!

  • Shelby Hudson 7 months ago


  • Untold Gaming 7 months ago

    Subscribe to untold gaming on YouTube it’s my channel just clik me I’m starting to do video in 2 days

  • The George Bro's 7 months ago

    U forgot the stuff in the chest

  • scorpion kid 7 months ago

    plz do more of these plzzzzzz

  • Alex_DK_Gaming 7 months ago

    Hey Dan do you have a brother???

  • 4Fun4You Lol 7 months ago

    they look similar so thats funny and theres no similarities except the hair -ProudScrub and proud -DiamondMCRider

  • RheaLPS 7 months ago

    Dan is amazing! and diju Mike is not his brother! he’s just wants to be famous, so he hoped on the diamond Minecart, to ride fame! Dan I love you, never give up! also Dan is British diju Mike is American. he also was born on a different day. don’t believe me?? watch both of there draw my life videos!!!!! come on guys, Dan is awesome, TeamTDM!!!!!!! BTW I don’t know who this guy diju Mike is but I just want Dan to know, I will never ever watch diju Mike. because I am on TeamTDM, and that’s all I want to say, I don’t mean to be rude. but I just want to protect Dan….

  • Alex_DK_Gaming 7 months ago

    because if you have it may be Bijuu mike i’m so sure about it

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