• Jaylen Nzoule 5 days ago


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  • PJ Poopkins 5 days ago

    2:25 they used de bane of pigs

  • Will Williams 5 days ago

    Cool vid

  • FireTheMan9898 5 days ago

    modded battle siege please!!!!!!!!!

  • OTA SoccerKid 5 days ago

    I’m on summer break!!!!!!!

  • K12akinskulz 5 days ago

    Why not do a cops and robbers like you did in the old days

  • Dog The Dog 5 days ago

    its amazing how long people can play minecraft and still make videos

  • cool 99 redwooolfttw 5 days ago

    Alwqys 1 hour late

  • chocolatemilk KING 5 days ago

    Love vid

  • Angela DeGennaro 5 days ago

    Love you

  • Mark Klebba 5 days ago

    shoe on head

  • Johto Legends 5 days ago

    I love this game! Sorry I couldn’t watch the stream i was at archery practice.

  • Eric Monier 5 days ago


  • Cody Coconuts 5 days ago

    Dame tu cosita, uh uh.

  • JordanPaul2010 Ps4 5 days ago


  • brody cole 5 days ago


  • TopherV 5 days ago

    Love your vids Jerome keep up the grind for 5 mil. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Brody Hickman 5 days ago

    Watching Jerome try to pvp in the new update.

  • Pokemon master 5 days ago

    28th yay

  • Lelz444444 lol 5 days ago

    Why did jerome not break the gold blocks on the ground

  • Adrian Proffer 5 days ago

    I wish sky did Minecraft again

  • Banana Man 5 days ago

    Mr.Stark I don’t feel so well

  • Rachel Ellen Cadag 5 days ago

    #dasha don’t cheat

  • NoelWorld 56 5 days ago

    Dude can you stop using YouTubers that you don’t play with in your thumbnails I get my hopes up and then you always let me down

  • Madison & me 5 days ago

    he mined the gold from the abc game

  • Genocide Sans 5 days ago

    Jerome just run /kill all if they do that

  • Bryce Abreu 5 days ago

    Omg can you please do a Seige World Series again that would make my world brighter

  • David Johnson 5 days ago

    Jerome, this way of doing Cops and Robbers is so much more boring! I don’t come and see Cops and Robbers to watch you play regular Minecraft for an hour, if I wanted to see that, I would watch any Minecraft Let’s Play EVER! I want to see the fun ORIGINAL GAMES you used to have, or even just the fun classic one with a random mod used to confuse the warden

  • David Thompson 5 days ago


  • David Thompson 5 days ago

    When’s tower hour returning

  • Harry Cornelius 5 days ago

    Biffle Wiffle the peanut

  • ______ ______ 5 days ago

    “because ben doesn’t think”

  • Vishwanath Gowda 5 days ago

    Jerome reminds me of Leo from “A Way Out” game and both of them have big nose

  • Caleb Lane-jones 5 days ago

    100 gold bocks

  • Ashley Mann 5 days ago

    Cool vid

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