• sahib huseynli 1 month ago

    Bandit animations r mnp Herobine

  • Lava Hound 1 month ago

    I am so excited for part 5, i did both liked and commented.

  • Matteo Cortese 1 month ago

    I watched all the videos and I like all of them the ones that u can plz continue with is wolf life,pro LIFE and z vs villager life

  • Lava Hound 1 month ago

    Please add a baby of pro he is my favourite.
    But must be very good-looking just as pro’s woman.

  • Lava Hound 1 month ago

    There must be a girl to pro.

  • ew gamer 1 month ago

    Villager and zombie Life 5 pls

  • Martina Ramini 1 month ago

    C’mon upload video wright now

  • MasterAl MasterAl 1 month ago


  • Victor_YT 1 month ago

    Ok i like Wolf life because this verry cute and nice☺️I like Villager VS zombie life because this is so exided FOR me!😜

  • Aki Saki 1 month ago

    I like it and can you make video on 5th January its my birthday and i want rpisode 5

  • Jscide /// 1 month ago

    I can’t wait for part 5

  • Memeoholic Pervert 1 month ago


  • Coco Show 1 month ago

    11k like
    Zombi life 5 plzzz

  • Lourenz Bautista 1 month ago

    More zombie vs villager please.

  • Danut Gamer 1 month ago

    plz epizon 5 plz

  • つばチャンネルtsubasuchan_eggz 1 month ago


  • Aleksander Kowalczyk 1 month ago

    Epic epic

  • WPM o 1 month ago

    I want part 5

  • Аня Lite 1 month ago

    Beaytifyl!!!!!! I am don’t now English very well))))

  • S.J. Adema 1 month ago

    Made it to 5k and 500 comments make part 5

  • Dejan Pojuzina 4 weeks ago

    nice animation

  • Kyrie Pineda 4 weeks ago

    Villeger vs zombie 5 please

  • DiamondsFoLife 21 4 weeks ago

    Awwweeeesssoommmeeee!!!! {How u drag your words}

  • DarrenVX Pro 4 weeks ago


  • DarrenVX Pro 4 weeks ago

    Too awesome this video

  • Maria Boiadzhieva 4 weeks ago

    Ctaftronix please next part 5 zombie vs viliager life 5 please

  • Vilho Ruuth 4 weeks ago

    Merry chrismas

  • Daily vlogs 4 weeks ago

    YOU CAN JUST DO /kill @e [type=zombie]

  • GAMERPRO_ TR 4 weeks ago


  • lazar markov 4 weeks ago

    i want episode 5 p.s you are best

  • Taym MINECRAFT 4 weeks ago

    wolf life pleaseeeee continue it

  • FroZen_TV 4 weeks ago

    Hi go take a look at my chain I made serious good video life but it’s French dead laughing –>

  • Decani tv Decani tv 4 weeks ago

    Soo cool

  • FARRL ZACK_YT 4 weeks ago

    Next zombie vs villager life 5 pls

  • Super BrickWallz 4 weeks ago


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